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Summary: Cargo ships, no matter the make, model, or species, were genuinely not designed for comfort; it was just something I'd come to notice.
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Genres: Angst
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Series: Andromeda
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Published: Aug 30, 2009 Updated: Aug 30, 2009
Story Notes:
Title: The Ambush

Author: Alli (

Rating: PG-13

Category: Future story, SJR, angst

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its related stuff isn't mine. Original characters and settings aren't theirs. I'm willing to work something out.

Music: "I Always Thought I'd See You Again" by Tiffany used without permission

Spoilers: Negligible for Pretense

Archive: SJA and Heliopolis

The Andromeda Series
1. The Assignment
2. The Aide
3. The Afterglow
4. The Arising
5. The Allusion
6. The Attack
7. The Accident
8. The Anger
9. The Alien
10. The Archeologist
11. The Absence
12. The Advance
13. The Adversary
14. The Ability
15. The Allies
16. The Aberration
17. The Ardor
18. The Act
19. The Affliction
20. The Answers
21. The Abduction
22. The American
23. The Angel
24. The Ambush

1. Chapter 1 by Alli Snow [Reviews - 0] (7134 words)