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"Oh God Jack, yes!" Sam's voice drifted through the door to the locker room as Teal'c was walking by. Teal'c paused, and his eyebrow raised as he heard the captain moan again.

"Sam, hold still will ya?" Teal'c heard Jack's irritated voice. "This will be much easier if you stop squirming!"

"I know Jack, it's just that - OH!" Sam exclaimed. "Oh yeah, right there Jack!" There was moaning. A long, drawn out "ooohhh, yeah" was heard.

Teal'c had been going to see how his friends were. They'd just come back from a particularly arduous mission, and Jack and Sam had headed straight for the showers. Teal'c had been alright since he was in superb shape, but the others had gotten some bumps and strained muscles. Teal'c knew he shouldn't, but he stood at the door, listening to the exchange between his two friends.

"Jack, please... harder," Sam was begging.

"Like this?"

"Lower... oh yeah, that's it..." sighed Sam. More moaning and sighs were heard. Then: "My turn," mischievously, from Sam.

"Teal'c?" Teal'c jumped and turned to see Daniel watching him. "What are you doing?" he asked, curious.

Teal'c looked uncomfortable, then Daniel's eyes went wide as he heard: "Oh Sam, that feels sooo good! We don't get to do this enough, do we?"

"Definitely not Jack," was the murmured agreement, almost too quiet for the pair outside the door to hear.

"Keep rubbing Sam, please," Jack said.

"I know Jack, you're so stiff. I can't believe it!" Sam apparently went back to her "rubbing" because Jack started to moan again.

"Ohmigod!" Daniel gasped. "I... uh... I think I'd better leave!" he said, and almost ran towards the infirmary where Dr Fraiser was waiting to fix his sprained shoulder. Teal'c watched him go. He looked down at the bulge in his pants and was glad that it had escaped Daniel's notice.

As Teal'c walked towards his quarters, he heard: "You give the best backrubs, Sam!"

The end!

End Notes: (get your minds out of the gutter!)

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