Story Notes: Ok. I was tired, and Meridian stirred up a whole heap of emotions I thought were buried. Obviously not! Anyway, don't expect much more like this 2 emerge. It ain't my style! :D

Setting - Somewhere in Meridian or Revelations. You'll know where 2 stick it!

Sam walked down the halls of the near-deserted SGC, the tears burning her eyes. She walked, not caring where she was going. It's not fair, she thought. He was trying to help them, and look what he gets for it. She started running, as the tears overwhelmed her. She sank into the wall, the tears pouring down her face. It wasn't long before Colonel O'Neill found her, still sitting against the wall, her face stained with tears. She looked up at him, but quickly looked back down at the ground as the tears started flowing. His heart broke inside of him, as he remembered what he'd said to her. He'd shut her out, not wanting to show his own pain. He couldn't help it now though - the woman he loved was hurting enough inside to be crying, and he couldn't just sit there and take it. He sat down next to her, wrapping his long arms around her, pulling her close to him. She sank into his chest, sobbing. He just held her there, the tears pricking his eyes at the sound of her sobs. He tried to swallow, but his throat was almost completely constricted. He pulled her closer, until she was nearly sitting on him, and buried his face in her hair, willing himself not to cry. She slowly stopped crying, and they both just sat there, her head resting on his chest, curled up into a ball into his side, with his arms enveloping her. They didn't say anything - they just sat in each other's sorrow until Sam broke the silence.

'I think I'm going to miss him, Sir,' she said quietly.

'Miss the obsession with those rocks, the sneezing, the endless princesses falling in love with him, those dorky glasses?' he queried, not at all meanly.

'Mmmhmm,' she mumbled affirmatively, almost smiling at his oh-so-fond way of describing their favourite archaeologist.

'Yeah, me too,' he admitted after a while. She knew what Daniel had meant to him. He had pulled Jack back from the brink of suicide, given him a reason to live after Charlie's death. He owed his life to Daniel, and she knew it killed him inside not to be able to help his friend.

They sat in silence for a while.

'You know, if we don't move soon, people are going to talk,' she said.

Jack snorted. 'Yeah, like they don't already,' he replied, but he got up all the same, pulling Sam with him. He turned and looked at her.

'Are you going to be ok?' he asked, in his non-chalant but concerned way.

Sam smiled and nodded. 'Yeah, I'll be fine, sir. Thanks,' she added at the end. He smiled at her.

'Good, cause I still need you, you know? I can't have my team completely falling apart.'

She smiled. It was going to hurt for a while, that was certain. But they'd move on eventually, knowing that Daniel, wherever he was, was probably enjoying it.

The End

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