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Warnings: Angst. Sequel to "Trespassers... Tortured!"

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Sam turned her head and looked up. She saw the sleeping face of her husband. She smiled. "Jack" she whispered. He stirred slightly and then jumped. "Hey. It's ok. Only me" Sam said as he looked down at her and smiled. "Hey. How long you been awake?" he asked. "Not long. Just watching you. You look cute when you sleep" she smiled cheekily. "Thank you. You look cuter when you're awake."

"Flattery will get you, everywhere." She kissed him affectionately. "Oh? How about this?" Jack asked as he deepened the kiss. "That too. Ooh. Uh, uh, uhh! Don't be naughty" Sam chastised. "Who me? No way. How could you possibly think such a thing?" Jack asked innocently. "Very easily. I know you, Colonel Jack O'Neill. And you are... naughty!"

"Nah! You got me mixed up with some other Colonel. I hate to think who."

"No. I know exactly who I'm talking about. *My* Colonel. I'm talking about... ooh! You little bugger! Get back here!" Sam shouted as Jack got out of the bed, grabbed his robe and ran off. "I'll get you Jack O'Neill!" she called after him. "You gotta find me first!"

"Oh I will. And when I do, you are going to pay!" Sam pulled on her robe and starting searching for her husband. After a few minutes of thorough searching, she was convinced he'd disappeared into thin air. "Jack! I give up! Come out. I have no idea where you are. I surrender. You win! Jack?" Sam wandered in to the kitchen. "Jack?" She heard something and turned around. Nothing there. Suddenly she was scooped off her feet into the air and in Jack's arms. "God. You scared me half to death! Where were you? I looked everywhere" Sam told him. He smiled audaciously. Sam slapped his shoulder. "Jack! Where were you hiding?" she asked again. He sat down on the sofa and sat her next to him. "Tell me! Please?" Sam begged. "Nope. Trade secret."

"Ohhh. Please? Not even for me? Pretty please?"

"Nope. You want breakfast?"

"I hate it when you do that! You know I do! Why can't you tell me? Come on! Please? Please, please, please?!"

"You're not gonna give up, are you?"

"No way! Tell me!"

"Gotta promise not to tell anyone."


"Oh. I dunno."

"Spit it out Jack!"

"Oh, ok. The wardrobe."

"I checked there."

"I know. I was in there. How'd you miss me?"

"I don't know. How did I?"

"I was inside my robe that was on a hanger. Ha ha. Cool huh?"

"NO! That's not fair. You little bugger!" Sam got up and followed Jack into the kitchen, slapping his back playfully. "Ah! Hey. Easy."

"Oh. Sorry." The scars from when he was tortured still remained, leaving a permanent memory of the mission and were, even now, delicate. Sam usually remembered. Jack was quiet after that. He made breakfast and ate silently. Once finished, he headed off to have a shower. Sam followed him. "Jack."


"Are you all right?"


"You sure? I'm sorry about before. I guess it slipped my mind. I'm sorry." Sam moved her hands over his shoulders. "It's ok. Not good memories, that's all. Bit touchy I guess. Sorry."

"Don't have to be. Come here" Sam pulled him down to her lips. She smiled on his mouth. "Forgive me?"

"Course. Do we have a briefing this morning?"

"Mmm. I think so. Do we have to go?"




"I don't want to go. I want to stay here. Can we?"

"Nope. Don't worry, you'll be sitting next to me."

"What makes you think it's got anything to do with you?"

"It hasn't?"

"Yes! It's got everything to do with you."

"Don't worry. I'll be there."

"I know. But we won't be able to do this. Will we?" Jack shook his head while they kissed. "See. I want to... keep doing this. But.... if you keep doing that I'm going to die, you know that don't you?"

"Doing what?" Jack asked innocently. "God! That!"

"Don't know what you're talking about. Oh. You mean this?"

"Mmm! Yes! That!"

"Oh. Well, then I'll stop" Jack said as he pulled back from Sam's lips. "No. No, you don't have to" she protested as she lunged at him again. He continued on to the bathroom. "Get back here you!"

"I don't want you dying on me now do I? You said..."

"O.K! You made your point. I was kidding. Please?" Sam looked at him with her best puppy dog eyes. He looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, and then laughed. "Nope! You're not convincing enough. Work on it while I have a shower."

"Ohhh. Please?! Pretty please with a cherry? Two cherries? Three cherries? A whole cherry tree? Come on!" Sam begged as she followed Jack. He walked into the bathroom and put his arm over the doorway. "You're mean. You know that?"

"I'll be out in a minute, and then we'll have to go. Will you be ready?"

"Yeah" she nodded. Jack smiled. "Can I kiss you one more time?" Sam asked with a sassy smile. Jack sighed. "Yes? Too bad!" Sam grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him passionately. Pushing him roughly back, she smiled audaciously as she turned and walked away. Jack shook his head and went into the bathroom.


"Jack! Where's my jacket?!" Sam called. "What?"

"My jacket. I can't find it."

"Uh... oh. It's in the lounge room!"

"Thanks" Sam called into the bathroom as she walked past it and into the lounge room. There was the offending item. Crumpled against the back of an armchair. She picked it up and pulled it on. "You done?!" she called. "Yep." As Sam turned around, Jack was standing right in front of her. She smiled sheepishly at her yell. "Let's go" he said. She smiled as they locked the house and got into their car.


"Colonel. Major. How are you both today?"

"Good thanks" they replied in unison. They smiled. "Have a nice day" the Airman said as they continued down the corridor to the Conference Room. "Morning General" the pair spoke simultaneously again in greeting the General cheerfully. "Morning Colonel. Major. How are you both?" he replied. They smiled at each other. "We're both great sir" Sam voiced for them both. Hammond smiled. He couldn't believe how happy these two people were. He couldn't believe he had let them stay on together at the SGC and SG1, when they were married. They shouldn't be in the SGC, but he let them stay. They were both damn good officers, and he wasn't prepared to lose either of them. So, he let them stay. He knew he shouldn't have, but he did. And so far, it was working out ok. Better than ok, great. He knew they were responsible. He could trust that they wouldn't let their marriage get in the way of their work. "Dr. Jackson. Teal'c. Right, now we can start the briefing."


One tiresome hour later, and the briefing was over. The team left to get ready for their mission. It was their first mission since they were captured on P3Y 587. Jack and Sam had gone on holiday together for three months after they recovered, and in the process, got married. Daniel, Teal'c and especially the General, were shocked and happy when they learned of their marriage. The General had given them an extra two months off, and Daniel and Teal'c had remained at the base, going on missions with various other teams while they waited for the happy couple to return. Today was their first day back at the SGC in almost six months. They were both a bit excited, and a little unsure about going on a mission again. Especially Jack. After the brutal torture he endured on P3Y 587, he was clearly traumatised, although he would never admit it. Sam was worried that he wasn't really ready to go on a mission. She followed him to his quarters after the briefing. "Jack!" she called as she ran to catch up with him. "Yeah?" he questioned quietly. He seemed apprehensive about the whole mission thing. Sam sensed his suppressed fear. "Can we talk?" she asked. "Sure" he replied as he unlocked his quarters and gestured for her to go in. She smiled and went in. She watched him as he closed the door behind him. "What's up?" he asked, trying to mask his uneasiness with the mission. "Jack. You're not really 100% sure about this mission, are you?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Be good to go on a mission again. Where are we going again?"

"Jack" Sam chastised. "I know you. I know you're a bit unsure about this mission."

"Dunno what you mean. I'm fine. Really."

"Jack, it's no good putting up those walls with me. I can see straight through them. If you're worried, which I know you are, why don't you stay here? Have a bit more time off. We can get a replacement for a while."

"I'm not worried. I'm fine. You don't need a replacement, I'm ok."

"It's ok. You're allowed to be. I am. But I didn't go through what you did. I don't have as much reason to be scared. You do. Oh, talk to me Jack. Let down those walls of yours. Let me in. I want to help."

"You don't have to help. I don't need help. I'm fine. You better go and get ready don't you think?"

"Yeah. I guess so" Sam sighed. "I love you Jack. I'm just concerned about you."

"I know. I'm grateful. But you don't have to be. I'm all right" he smiled as she kissed him. "Only if you're sure?" she asked. "I am. I am" Jack told her reassuringly. Sam still wasn't convinced, but thought she should leave him alone now. "Ok" she said as she pulled her lips back from his and left.


Half an hour later, and SG1 were all geared up and ready to ship out on their mission. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c stood in the Gate Room in front of the activated Stargate awaiting their last member's arrival. "Sam. Do you know why Jack is late? He's never late" Daniel stated. Sam knew he was never late. He was always early, in fact. Sam had a fair idea why her husband was late for their mission. She was so worried about him. "General. I think maybe I should go and see where he is" Sam called. "Don't need to. I'm here. Sorry I'm late folks" Jack said as he walked into the Gate Room. "What took so long Colonel?" The General queried. "Sorry. Are we all ready to ship out?" Jack dodged the answer with a question of his own. "Yes. We are now Colonel."

"Why were you late? You're never late Jack" Daniel asked. "I'm here now aren't I?"

"Yeah, but what took so long?"

"Is it any of your business Daniel?!"


"Jack. What's wrong with you?" Sam asked sternly as she grabbed his arm and pulled him away from Daniel and Teal'c. "Nothing!"

"That's crap and you know it! Something's bothering you. Either you tell me what it is, or go on acting like a pigheaded asshole until someone tells you what they think of you?!"

"I'm not acting like a pigheaded asshole! And there is nothing wrong! Now, can we just get this mission over and done with?!"


"Fine!" They both walked back to the group and started up the ramp without saying anything. Daniel looked at Teal'c and shrugged, then they followed them through the Gate.


On the other side, and Jack seemed more cautious and watchful than he usually would on a mission. Daniel and Teal'c also noticed his wariness. "O'Neill. What is it that bothers you?" Teal'c questioned. "Nothing! Geeze, why all of a sudden is everyone asking me what's wrong?!" Jack questioned incredulously. "Because you look like something is wrong. That's why!" Sam exclaimed. "Well, just so everyone knows, I am FINE! Nothing is wrong! Daniel, Teal'c, you head off over there. Keep in contact and report back here in two hours. Carter, you're with me."

"Right" Daniel said as he and Teal'c headed off in their designated direction. Jack started off in his. Sam shook her head and ran to catch up with him. "Carter? You haven't called me that in ages."

"We're on duty. In case you forgot, we haven't been on duty for a while now."

"Jack, stop it, would you?! You're acting like a three year old. I thought you were worried about coming on this mission, turns out you're just throwing a temper tantrum!" Sam exclaimed as she stormed on ahead. "Oh for cryin' out loud" Jack sighed to himself as he caught up with her. "Sam!" he exclaimed as he caught her arm. "What?!" she asked angrily. "Sorry sir. What is it?" she corrected her arrogance formally. "Oh, so we're going all formal now are we?"

"You're decision, not mine."

"Oh please. Now who's throwing a temper tantrum?"

"Oh no you don't! Don't you throw that back at me!"

"Oh please! Three years old?!"

"You deserved that."

"Like you don't right now!?"

"Yeah right! Looks who talking, mister, 'I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me'!"

"Where'd you get that pole up your ass Sam?!"

"Sorry?! I've got a pole up my ass?! And you haven't!"

"Excuse me?! I'm not the one walking around telling people how they're acting!"

"So! You are acting like a three year old! Grow up!"

"You could do some growing of your own here!"

"Oh, please. Now all we're doing is repeating things and saying each other is exactly the same thing as each other over and over again. This is stupid."

"Yeah, you're right. It is. I didn't start this, so let's just..."

"You didn't start this?! Come on Jack! Your face looked as though you'd just seen a ghost for Christ's sake! I was worried, but as usual, you put up those walls and won't tell me anything. And I started this?!"

"I didn't say you started it. I just said I didn't. Can we just get this mission over and done with?! I really don't want to be here."

"Why couldn't you just have admitted that before? I would have left it alone then. Why can't you just tell me things? I'm your wife for crying out loud! You can talk to me!" Sam exclaimed. There was a silence. A long silence. Sam stood staring at her shoes, and Jack stared at the ground. "Jack."

"Sam." They spoke simultaneously. "You go." The same thing happened. "No you." And again. Then there was silence again. "Sam. I'm sorry I don't open up to you. I should. I want to. There is always a wall there stopping me. I guess I'm just scared to. I'm sorry" Jack broke the silence. Sam smiled at him. "You can. You don't have to be scared Jack. I won't bite. You know that. I know it must be hard for you, but you don't have to worry. I'm always here for you. You know that don't you?" Sam asked. She stepped closed to him and took his hand in hers. "Of course I do. I'm just stupid sometimes. I'll get over it."

"You're not stupid. You're just unsure. That's ok. You're allowed to be uncertain sometimes. But you don't have to be with me. You will remember that won't you?"

"Yeah. Thanks Sam. I don't know what I'd do without you. Really."

"I don't either. Come here you big teddy bear" Sam said as she coiled her arms around Jack's waist and hugged him warmly. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Jack! There's a pretty scary looking group of people... heading towards you! RUN!" The radio crackled through Daniel's voice. Jack quickly grabbed the radio and was about to reply when an army of people carrying spears and bows and arrows came careering towards them. "Run! Go!" Jack shouted at Sam. He knelt on the ground and fired at the people. Sam ran. She turned back and saw the people still hurtling toward him. "JACK! Forget it! Come on!" she hollered back at him. The clique of people continued toward him, and there were soon too many. Sam saw Jack's terrified face for a second as he got up and started to run toward her. She held out her hand for him to take, but it was too late. The people were upon him and she soon lost him in the crowd. "JACK!" she yelled. The rest of the people continued on toward her. She couldn't possibly go back in there to find him. She turned around and sprinted as fast as she could away from the scene. She quickly found Daniel and Teal'c at the Gate, Daniel was two chevrons away from it being dialled. "Come on Daniel! GO!" she shouted. The people were close. Daniel slammed his hand onto the centre of the DHD and Stargate exploded into life. Sam punched in the GDO as fast as she could and they all ran up the dais and through the Gate.


"Close the Iris!" the General commanded as Sam, Daniel and Teal'c ran through the Gate and some arrows followed them. They ducked. One hit Sam in her upper back. She gasped and fell forward onto the ramp. "Sam!" Daniel exclaimed as he fell to his knees next to her. "Med team to the Gate Room. Stat!" Was called over the PA. A Medical team flocked into the Gate Room with a gurney. Dr. Fraiser pulled the arrow, carefully, out of Sam's back and shouted various commands to the nurses as they ran down a corridor to the Infirmary. "I'm ok Janet. Don't fuss" she told the doctor. "Sam, you had an arrow in your back, that's serious enough for me" she said as she ran with the speeding gurney. Once in the Infirmary, Dr. Fraiser treated the Injury with disinfectant and bandaged it up. Sam thanked the doctor and left for the Control Room, although heavily protested by the doctor. "General. We have to go back" Sam said as she walked into the Control Room and saw Daniel and Teal'c already there. "How's the back Major?" he questioned. "Fine sir. We have got to go back. They've got Jack" Sam repeated. "I know Major. You only just escaped. I don't think I can risk the lives of other officers to go back there."

"I'll go back. We'll go back, won't we Daniel? Teal'c? Come on! We have to go back! Jack's there! I won't leave him behind! I won't forget him! We have to go back!" Sam exclaimed, all but crying. She wasn't just going to leave her husband on some other planet. He had been through enough on their last mission. He was nearly over that, but now this. And Sam wouldn't leave him behind. She knew if it were her, he wouldn't leave her behind. "Major. It is too dangerous. I'm sorry. I just can't authorize it right now. Wait a week or so, and then we'll send a MALP through again to see..."

"A week or so!? God knows what they'll have done to him by then! He might be dead! No, we have to go now!" Sam interrupted angrily. "Sam. The General's right. We only just made it out of there. You almost didn't. It's way too dangerous" Daniel supported the General. "Jack didn't make it back! I won't leave him there! I'll go back there myself!" Sam threatened. "Major. I'm going to have to say, if you go near the Stargate, I'll have to Court-Martial you. I'm sorry Major. That will be all" Hammond said as he left the Control Room. "Oh my God. He just told me I couldn't go back and save my husband. How dare he! I will not leave him there. Daniel? Teal'c? No. Don't tell me you agree with him?"

"I am sorry Major. The General appears to have presented a sufficient argument" Teal'c told her. "God. I don't believe this. You don't want to save you friend. How can you call yourself a friend?! I'm going, with or without you. And if you try and stop me!" Sam said as she walked to a computer and started to input the address they had previously visited. "Sam..."

"Don't even try Daniel. I will not leave him there. And you are not going to stop me!" Sam said as the computer registered her code and started to dial the Gate. She ran down the stairs to the Gate Room. Daniel and Teal'c followed her. "Sam!" Daniel called. She turned around. "Here" he said as he threw her Teal'c's Staff Weapon. She smiled. "Thank you" she said as she walked up the ramp and through the Stargate.


Sam searched the forest that they had previously tramped through. Nothing. Nothing and no one to be seen anywhere. She knew the army of people would have either taken Jack to their village, or left him. She just hoped he was ok, and she wasn't too late. Then, she saw him. Lying lifelessly on the ground in a pool of blood, with an arrows poking out of his back. "Oh God no. Jack!" Sam called as she ran over to him. She reached him and knelt by his side on the ground. She carefully pulled the arrows out of his back and then turned him over. "Jack. Wake up. It's Sam. Come on Jack! Wake up. Please" Sam exclaimed as she shook him fervently. He slowly moved. "Jack" Sam sighed. "Sam?"

"Yeah. It's me Jack. It's ok. You're going to be ok."


"What the hell was she thinking?!" The General exclaimed as he paced the Conference Room anxiously. "She wasn't going to leave him there General. Quite frankly, I agreed with her. I would have gone, but I think she needed to do it on her own. I think, in a way, she wanted to" Daniel explained. "Why didn't you stop her? You didn't even try!" Hammond bellowed. "Sir, I didn't want to stop her. Jack's my friend; I don't want to leave him there anymore than she does. They're married General. They love each other, and they are not just going to leave one behind. Besides, she wouldn't listen anyway" Daniel reasoned. "I'm sorry Dr. Jackson. She'll be coming home to a Court-Martial I'm afraid."

"If she does come home."

"Let us hope Major Carter returns with Colonel O'Neill also."


"Can you walk?"

"I don't know."

"We have to get out of here. I'll help."

"Sam. I can't."

"Sure you can. I won't leave you here again. I'll get you out of here no matter how long it takes."

"Sam. I can't. Go back."

"No. I'm not going back without you. I won't leave you Jack. You have to get to the Infirmary. I'm not leaving."

"Please Sam. I'm dying. Go." Sam choked back tears. He was right. She still wasn't going to leave him. Even if he was dying. She gently lifted him and put his arm around her shoulders and walked slowly. They finally reached the Stargate. Sam dialled it and hoped that even without the GDO signal, they would open the Iris.


"General, we have an unauthorised incoming wormhole" an Airman told him. "Close the Iris" The General commanded as he followed the young Airman into the Control Room. "Yes sir" was the reply as the Iris slid closed. Daniel and Teal'c trailed on behind. "Any signal coming through?" Daniel questioned. "None."

"Keep that Iris closed" Hammond instructed. "Yes sir."

"General. Perhaps Major Carter has located O'Neill and is returning" Teal'c suggested. "Yeah! She didn't have a GDO. It's probably Sam" Daniel agreed enthusiastically. "How do I know that though? What if it's the Goa'uld attacking?"

"General. That would be extremely unlikely" Teal'c said. "Yeah. It's got to be Sam and Jack. Open the Iris for them General" Daniel insisted. The General thought for a long moment. They all anticipated his response. Finally he spoke. "Open the Iris."

"Yes sir." The Iris opened, and shortly after, Sam and Jack stumbled through. "Get a Med-team to the Gate Room!" Hammond ordered. There was a quick nod, and moments later, nurses and Dr. Fraiser were scattering into the Gate Room. "Don't you let him die Janet!" Sam told her. The doctor nodded and raced off with the gurney containing Jack.


"How is he?" Daniel asked anxiously in place of Sam who had fallen asleep. "He'll be fine. Might take a little while, but he'll be ok. Where's Sam?" the doctor answered positively. "She fell asleep. Teal'c took her to her quarters. She's been waiting here all night. She was bound to fall asleep sooner or later."

"Yeah. Well you can tell her that he's going to be fine. She can see him in the morning. Same room. She knows where it is. Get some sleep, you must be tired?"

"Yeah. And completely sick of coffee. I never want to see the stuff again. Thanks Janet. I'll tell her."


"Sam! You awake?!" Daniel called from the other side of the door to her quarters. He knocked again. "Whoa" Sam breathed as she woke up suddenly. "Sam?! Sam you awake?!" Daniel called again. "Coming" she replied. She yawned and rubbed her eyes as she slowly sat up in her bed. "Jack?"

"Sam! It's Daniel!"

"Coming! Jack, are you awake?" Sam asked, completely forgetting he wasn't even there. She looked to the top bunk. No one there. Then she remembered. "Oh God" she sighed. She quickly flung the door open. "Hi."

"Jack? How's Jack?"

"That's why I'm here. Janet said to come and tell you he's going to be fine" Daniel told her, and watched as a smile overcame her face. "Where is he?" she asked happily. "She said he's in the same room. Said you knew where it was too" he replied. "I do. I do" Sam smiled as she left for room, A3694.


Sam silently opened the door and closed it once inside. She sat down in the chair beside the bed and just watched him sleeping. She smiled. She liked to watch him sleep. He looked just like a little boy. Sam watched him for a long time until, her still tired body, reminded her she too was tired, and she fell asleep.


"Jack. Jack" Sam said quietly as she rested a hand on his shoulder. He flinched as he woke up. "Hey. It's ok. You're ok now."

"Sam. Hey" Jack replied, just pleased to see her. "How do you feel?"

"Ok. I've been better."

"Yeah. Well, Janet says you're going to be ok. God I was worried."

"Yeah. I knew you would have been. I'm ok now. Don't worry anymore."

"No. But you didn't want to go on the mission, and look what happened. You ended up getting hurt again. Maybe you should have some more leave. Huh?"

"Sam. I don't think I'm gonna stay on here. I'm gonna resign."


Yes. There is another sequel. Keep tellin' me what ya think though folks. Thanks a bunch. =] ~*Nutty1*~

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