Story Notes: Poem

Urrr, Thought I'd write something poetic...sorta... To break up all the sequels i'm havin ta do. :)


That Day.


That day,
When worlds threaten to tumble.
Where all is ill and nothing can be well...

Lay your head upon the golden axe and speak of me.
Claim to be a liar, which no place or point in time can count for and swear,
Swear to be a victim,
Sad, scared, small, alone, and crawling.
Swear to be damned inside, and swear to be lover.
That no ring bearer can chose in following, and only a brave man
Can break through,
And love me.

I lie in waiting, your hand still clasped around my heart, and give me
That day.


'That day, that day
I lay down beside myself
In this feeling of pain, sadness
Scared, small, climbing, crawling
Towards the light
And it's all I see and
I'm tired and I'm right
And I'm wrong
And it's beautiful'

Inspired by the song ~ 'That Day' By Natalie Imbruglia


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