Story Notes: Spoilers: Small Redemption II.

Pure unadulterated fluff. Sheep-like, it's so fluffy. Happy early Valentines Day!


The Flower

Sam lay staring up at the sky. It really was a nice day. Poofy clouds drifted overhead. Some unidentified bird twittered and flew by. She tried moving her arm.

Oh yeah, definitely broken.


On her other side, her hand clutched the object of her downfall. Literally. Maybe she would keep it - as a reminder to never, ever do that again.

Jonas' head appeared over the edge. "Shit! Sam, are you okay?"

Well, seemed that their Kelownan had picked up a new swear word. Wonder how many he knew now. She watched as he scrambled down to her. Maybe if she kept perfectly still, he wouldn't see her and he would go away.

She closed her eyes, then opened them just a slit. Nope, he was still coming. Apparently she didn't have the power of invisibility. Damn.

"What happened?" Jonas asked as he knelt down.


Sam held up her good hand, showing him the now-crushed flower. "It was pretty."

He gave her a look that made her feel even more insane. Yes, Major Samantha Carter, USAF, while on a mission on an alien planet, had lost her footing while picking a flower. Not for scientific reasons. Just because it was pretty.

He asked the standard questions - "Can you move your feet?" "How many fingers?" - before helping her up. He didn't say much as he quickly put a splint on her arm, but kept giving her strange looks. Maybe he thought she hit her head.

"What happened?!" the Colonel demanded as they joined up with him and Teal'c.

"Sam accident," Jonas said, leaving her to fill in the details.


Ugh. Again.

"I...picked a flower and lost my balance," she said quickly. There. Just like pulling off a band-aid. She thought about showing him the flower, but that would have really been insane. Maybe she hit her head after all.

Her CO rose his eyebrows at her. "Stopped to smell the roses, Carter?"

Dammit, he was starting to grin.

"She said it was pretty."

What the...? Sam thrust daggers into Jonas with her eyes. Thanks a lot!

Great. Now the Colonel was looking at her like she was nuts. What? Couldn't a girl think a flower was pretty?

Did she just think that?

It was the pain. Really. The pain.

"Okay, let's get you back to the infirmary."

This was going to look so great on her record. Injury due to flower.


Sam passed through the grey corridors with her brand new cast. Grey. That definitely fit her mood. Grey was the color of blah. Logically she knew she had nothing to prove to her team. But it was just so embarrassing, and very un-soldier-like.

She walked into her lab and stopped. Something that was very much *not* grey sat on her desk. Even surrounded by the blinking lights it stood out.

A large bouquet of flowers waited for her.

Roses actually.

Red roses.

Surprised didn't even begin to cover it. Of course, just her luck and they'd be from MacKay, asking her out yet again. Boy if there was ever one kiss she could take back...

She hurried over and yanked out the card.

"Thought you could use some nice safe flowers. The boys of SG-1."

Sam felt a twinge of disappointment. But what did she expect?

Love, Jack?

She laughed at herself.

It *was* a really nice gesture. She preferred to think of it as a gesture rather than a joke. And it probably cost a fortune. His money, considering that Teal'c and Jonas had none. Which meant that maybe he had suggested the type of flowers they get.


"Wow. Now that's pretty!"

Sam turned around to find Jonas standing in her doorway. "Yeah, kind of puts that little flower to shame."

He walked over to them to get a better look.

"Roses, right?"


"They smell great!"

She played with the card in her hand. "Oh, thanks," she said.

"For what?"

"For the flowers. It was nice of you guys. Who thought of doing it?"

Jonas frowned at her. "Sam, I had nothing to do with this."


She looked at the card again.


Suddenly her mood had a lot more color.


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