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Real name: Bren Ren
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I am a writer, fanartist, actress, singer, sometimes dancer, lighting designer, set builder, and general theatre techie, and now Director! I'm also the mother of three disgustingly beautiful children who are both my pride and joy and the greatest obstacle to the fic writing processes.

I've been writing fanfic for a little while now, having procrastinated joining the ranks of fic authors until I simply couldn't stand all the mutated plot bunnies dancing around in my head any longer. I'm still honing my craft, but I couldn't ask for better material to work on than my favorite couple from tv-land, Sam & Jack of Stargate SG1. Following their love story for ten long years has been an excercise in frustration, and I'm now trying to exorcise that frustration out in fic.

I've followed many 'ships in tv history, but it wasn't until the X-Files that I discovered online fandom and fanfic, and when I did, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I tried my hand once or twice at writing some myself, but when I reread my work, it was so sophomoric that I tore it to shreds and never thought twice about attempting it again... Until Sam & Jack, and some friends in online message groups who gave me the courage and inspiration to try again. I'm so glad I did!

Never could I have imagined a more fulfilling hobby than writing fanfic! I've made friends all over the world, and most importantly, I've brought Sam & Jack together in ways the in charge of their character development never had the guts to.
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