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Rated: R
Summary: Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter are ALWAYS destined to be together.

An AU setting, with Kawalsky as leader of SG1 instead of Jack. (Sam has NO romantic feelings for Kawalsky or anyone else at the SGC).
This AU basically followed the missions of the real SG1 up until this point (just before S7 E21 - The Lost City).

Jack O'Neill never got recalled to duty and is unaware of the Stargate's existence.
Jack is living a quiet, but basically contented life on a small ranch close to Colorado Springs, owns a trail riding business and also breeds and trains horses. (both Sara and Charlie died in this AU)

A year ago, Kawalsky stepped back from the front line due to injury, and Sam got promoted to Lieutenant Colonel to lead SG1 (Teal'c, Daniel and invented character).
Sam has been struggling with building mental stress over the last few months, due to the constant pressure of her expertise needed for too many things and missions gone bad.
Sam, now promoted to Colonel, is also the SGC's 2IC. Brigadier General Charles Kawalsky is now in command at the SGC, after Major General Hammond left to be head of Homeworld security.
Janet never died (and won't die in this AU) and President Henry Hayes has been elected.
A mission goes seriously FUBAR and once Sam and the team is finally home, her anger and frustration caused by what happened to her on the mission reaches boiling point and Kawalsky orders her off base on forced leave.
Sam disappears to try and pull herself back together, and unexpectedly meets Jack O'Neill.
Sam is a little shocked by her instant and powerful sexual attraction to Jack, and when she heads off up a mountain trail on one of Jack's horses to go camping alone, she knows she's in trouble when she can't stop thinking about him.
Her sexual fantasies about Jack get hotter and hotter, but then a very unexpected powerful thunder storm hits, disaster strikes, and her life is in very real danger when she is seriously injured.
Jack is confused by his instant sexual attraction to Sam and can't stop thinking about her. When the violent storm hits, he can't help but worry about her.
The need to go and check on her keeps building inside him while the storm rages through the night, but he knows that its far too dangerous to go while it's stormy and dark, so all he can do is prepare for all possibilities and leave at first light.
Just before first light breaks, he heads up the mountain on his horse to make sure she's okay.
When he finds Sam, she's badly injured, suffering from hypothermia and close to death.
He manages to warm her up, but then warm turns to hot and they just keep getting hotter and hotter until they are permanently welded together with mysterious intense feelings that even Sam can't explain.
But something deadly has happened to Sam's body, and when she starts to deteriorate, she realises that she's going to have to take a chance and trust Jack with the secret of the Stargate so he can try to save her life.

This story has been completed (28 chapters) and I will be posting the other chapters regularly until its complete.

Comments on this story on AO3:
**I really like this story. Totally hooked. The way you’re depicting them feels raw but intimate. Interesting AU as well.
**This story is awesome and I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work!
**I am loving this story, well written
**Absolutely love it! Cant wait for more. You are a fantastic author and suck us all into the Sam and Jack world.
**Wow just wow. That wasn't just hot, that was �”��”��”�
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