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Summary: A small 'what if' for the season two finale/season three opener..
Rated: PG13
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Genres: Alternate Universe or Reality, Angst, Episode Prologues & Epilogues, Missing Scene, UST/Friendship
Original Archive Date: 2003 Jul 6
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Published: Sep 01, 2009 Updated: Sep 01, 2009
Story Notes:
SEASON / SEQUEL: Season Three; standalone.

SPOILERS: 'In The Line of Duty,' 'Into the Fire/Out of Mind,' 'Fair Game.' Small spoilers for seasons 1&2.

ARCHIVE: Heliopolis, SJA, IB and Random Ramblings. Anywhere else, please ask first.

DEDICATION(s): Ruthie and Lynn, as always, for their unending support. Maz, Jillian and Suz - glad you SS's had a great New Year!! Jen, it's Friday and I don't see that fic you mentioned.. ;)

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