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Summary: It all started with a treaty signing, then there came the transgalatic search for a pregnant woman.
Rated: PG13
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Genres: Alternate Universe or Reality, Angst, Romance
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Published: Sep 06, 2009 Updated: Sep 06, 2009
Story Notes:
Season: All... just pre- B2F

Spoilers: Teeny tiny ones for Broca Divide, 100 Days (I haven't even seen it), 5th Race, Urgo, WoO, Upgrades, Absolute Power, and small nods to Enemies and Desperate Measures (of course considering I've been writing this for a while you never know what kind of mini-spoilers will show up) and just know that Jack has a tendency to pick up native girls (No he does not pick one up here).

Author's note: There are a million and one things to say about this fic, if I were to say them all this little section would be longer than the fic it's self. It seems like I've tried to incorporate everything from the show here, but I haven't, it just happened. I LOVE e-mail and whether good of bad I will respond. Flames are used to power Teal'c's staff weapon.

Dedication: All of those who have offered to help me (long story). Thanks for playin' Jay!

Thank You: Huge honkin' thank you goes out to my beta Rodlox and to Steph for putting up with me at all hours and all locations J and for her enormous help in finding an ending, you get my brain going man! "And the King of England said"

1. Chapter 1 by Kelly Mullins [Reviews - 0] (47640 words)