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CATEGORY: Romance! Duh! And... oh, I dunno... It's a dream I had about the episode `2010'

SPOILERS: Season 4, I guess. And 1969, obviously. But there's probably none for *this* actual episode

SEASON/SEQUEL: Season 4. No sequel

CONTENT WARNING: I'm gonna leave the middle to your imaginations, so I'm not responsible for that , but there's just a coupla kisses, like...

ARCHIVE: SJ, Heliopolis (???). If you think it's any good, you can have it, just tell me where you are so I can come and be proud.

AUTHORS NOTES: Like I said, I just *had* to type this up, and you guys might like to read it, but there's no middle in it at all, cause I FORGET IT!!! It's just a dream I had, yadda yadda ya... BTW, to avoid confusion, *our* Sam, Jack, Danny and Teal'c will have a little line before their names, e.g. Jack. Okay? And for those who forget, McKenzie is the base psychologist. And I have this little problem with Danny's hair...

"It's... SG-1's code sir."

General Hammond looked at the technician in surprise.


"...Yes sir."

Teal'c walked into the control room, and Hammond looked from him to the technician.

"SG-1 are all *here* sergeant!"

"I understand sir, but..."

Sometimes being a General sucks.

Hammond sighed, and moved forward.

"Open the iris. All gate personnel stand-by."

They watched as the naquadah spewed forward from the stone circle, before splashing back and stretching peacefully across its surface. There was silence for a moment, and some of the airmen waiting in the gateroom fingered their guns uneasily.

Suddenly, a figure lurched through the calm surface and came to a stand still on the ramp.

It was Colonel O'Neill.

He turned and watched as the gate disengaged and the shimmering naquadah disappeared. Then he turned and faced the waiting people. Everyone was looking at him in confusion.

"Who are you and where do you come from?" asked the General through the microphone.

"You know me." the man muttered as he walked quickly down the ramp. He made his way to the nearest airman.

"Where's Major... Carter?" he demanded.

The airman stared back at him.

"Where is she?" he said through gritted teeth, stepping closer.

The airman took a step back. The Jack look a like grabbed his collar and roughly pulled him towards him.

"Where the hell is Sam!?" he yelled.

Airman Wallace watched in surprise as a tear trickled slowly down the other mans cheek. Despite the brown leather jacket, white t-shirt and grey pants, this had to be Colonel O'Neill. He gave in.

"I-I think she's in her lab sir..." He was dropped roughly on the ground, and `Jack' strode out the door.

"Hey! You! Come back here!" General Hammond dropped the speaker and walked as quickly as could out the door after the `stranger'.

`Jack' was now running down the corridor in the direction of Major Carter's lab, with half the base hot on his heels. He finally reached it and burst through the door.

Sam spun round in her chair, surprised at the sudden invasion of her privacy. When she saw who it was though, she smiled and got up.

"Colonel! Hi! I was just-"


He marched over to her, and engulfed her in a huge hug, as if afraid to let her go. He pressed his lips against her neck and rocked her from side to side.

"What happened your hair? It's so nice the way you had it on Thor's ship!"

Sam was dazed, and without thinking, put her arms around him, but suddenly remembered where she was when the General and half a dozen airmen arrived at the door.

"Major..." He stopped when he saw what was going on. The Colonel let her out of the hug, but kept one arm around her waist, glaring at Hammond. Hammond frowned at them and put his hands on his hips.

"*What* is going on here Major? Who is this man?"

Sam still slightly off balance looked from him to Colonel O'Neill, confused.

"Sir... You're not Colonel O'Neill?!" She shook her head, mouth still open.

OPENING CREDITS (! I have a VIVID imagination!)

"All the blood work and dental records check out, sir. He is undoubtedly... Colonel O'Neill." confirmed Janet.

"Yeah, but *so am I*!" declared the other Colonel O'Neill.

They were now in the debriefing room. Daniel and Teal'c got places of honour, beside the new Colonel O'Neill. Janet, Sam and the `real' Jack were sitting across from them. General Hammond was pacing the floor at the head of the table. He stopped and turned to the waiting group.

"How can we have two Colonel O'Neill's in the one place?" He leaned on the back of his chair. "Are you from an alternate universe?"


"Well then *where* are you from?"


Hammond shook his head and sighed.

"Take him back to the holding cell."


"Well then tell me where you're from!"

Jack sat down and looked at his hands in his lap. After a while, he looked up at Sam and sighed.

"I'm from the future."

More silence.

After a while, -Jack found his voice.

"The *future*?"

"Yes." His eyes never left Sam. Jack was getting uneasy. The other *him* had barely looked away from her since he had arrived. And he didn't like *anyone* looking at Sam, besides *him* himself. Not *that fellow* himself. Especially after what he heard *he* did to her...

"What year are you from?" enquired Daniel.

"2010." answered Jack.

"That's... ten years from now..." -Jack informed them. Daniel rolled his eyes in Jacks direction.

"Why did you come back here?" asked Sam, with a glance towards Jack. She had also noticed him watching her. Not to mention that hug...

"I came back because I need your help."

"Our help? Us?" Daniel motioned to the people sitting around the table.

"Yes. SG-1." Jack sighed exasperatedly.

"In the future?" asked Sam.


-Jack felt like saying `First prize, Major!', but didn't. The other Jack gave him a warning glance.

Sam half smiled and shook her head.

"But we can't! Remember the Grandfather theory? We risk learning something that-"

"Could change the course of history, I *know*! But this is more important."

"More important than changing your own past?" Jack leaned in on the table.

"Yes." Jack looked at himself. "Way more important..."

"...Well, what would that be?" asked Daniel.

"No! We can't!" protested Sam. "Just *going there* would change your past, and our future!"

"Sam! You *have* to!"

"No! We-"

"You're *dead* Sam!" cried Jack.

Total silence.

"Oh, for cryin' out loud..." he muttered.

-Jack looked from himself to Sam.

"Carter's dead? As in-"

"As in *dead*! What don't you understand?"

Sam was still staring at him in surprise.

"If she's dead, what's the point in going to the future?! Why don't we just stay here and protect her from what ever it is that's going to kill her?!" yelled Jack.

Sam was *still* gobsmacked.

"Because we *need* her in *my* time!" roared Jack.

"Wait!" Sam had found her tongue. "You want *me* to stay in the future?"

Jack frowned.

"No..." He sighed, leaned forward and without warning, took hold of her hands.

Janet looked sideways at General Hammond. She couldn't tell which statement had brought that look to his face, but whichever one it was, she hoped he never had to hear it again.

"You're the only one who knows where *you* would go."

-Jack raised his eyebrows.

"*Please* don't tell me I turned into one of McKenzie's regulars."

"Yeah... I thought you said she was dead?" asked a puzzled Daniel.

Jack leaned back, letting go of Sam's hands. Jack pursed his lips, and swivelled his chair slightly towards her. Jack glared at him.

"I know what you're thinking. I'm *not* trying to steal her from you. I just want *my* Sam back."

Everyone looked at Jack. He raised his eyebrows again, in surprise.

"I didn't say anything!" He shook his head slightly. He didn't like that strange look Hammond had on his face...

"Look..." Jack gritted his teeth. "I know this sounds... really weird, but how else could I be him?!" He gestured towards Jack. "Please. We need your help..."

Daniel sat up straight.

"But how can we help you if Sam's already dead?" He smiled weakly.

Jack closed his eyes.

"We're actually hoping that she's *not* dead." He paused. "She was kidnapped by Apophis. On P4F 201. We don't know where he took her, or what he did with her."

He was now looking down at his hands again. He sniffed and swiped angrily at his eyes before looking up again.

"Please help us..."


"So... is it true what they say he did to you?" Daniel asked Sam as he tightened his pack. Sam looked up in surprise.

"Who? What?"

"Jack. The other Jack. Hug."

He noticed Sam colour slightly as she looked down again. He smiled.

"Uh... Guess he was just happy to see me." she responded feebly.

"Alrighty campers!" -Jack walked into the gateroom, rubbing his hands. "We all ready to go back to the future?" The corner of his mouth twitched as he received a grin from Sam.

"Major Carter?" called a technician. "Could you come up here a moment please?"

"Remember, the timing has to be precise, or there'll be three me's-" Jack reminded them.

"Don't you mean *me's*?"

"Us's. Happy?"

-Jack rolled his eyes. Sometimes he could be a real ass.

"Carter? Ready yet?" He directed his question towards the control room, where Sam was instructing the technician on how time travel worked. She looked up when Jack spoke.

"Almost sir." She looked down at the computer screen. Jack sighed.


Daniel, Teal'c and Jack looked at him. He looked up at them.


"30 seconds... now!" Sam ran out of the control room and into the gateroom in record time, for someone with a heavy pack on.

"SG-1, get ready to leave in...15 seconds... 10 seconds... 5..."

They all moved up the ramp.


"We should all hold hands, just in case anything goes wrong." instructed Jack.


-Jack sighed and took hold of Teal'c and Sam's hands. Jack took Daniel's and Sam's other hand.


Sam bit her lip as both her hands were taken by a Jack. It was amazing just how alike they were.


Jack smiled down at her and squeezed her hand. Jack glared at him tightened his grip on her other hand.


They stepped through the gate as one.


"Hold your fire! Hold your fire! It's me! And me. And you know the rest."

Jack walked down the ramp as the airmen let down their guns and looked at SG-1 in confusion. He turned at the door and waved at the others.

"Well are you coming or not?"

They also went down the ramp and followed him out the door to the debriefing room. "Major? It's great to see you!" A smiling General Hammond walked over to her and shook her hand. Jack raised his eyebrows.

"General. You're still running things here?"

Hammond looked at Jack, and back to Jack.

"I can't tell you that. God knows what effect it would have on any of us. Let's just say I am. For now."

"Hi Sam."

Sam turned in the direction of the voice. Daniel stepped out of the shadows.

"Daniel! Oh my God! Your hair... it's great!"

-Daniel smiled at himself.

"I always wished I hadn't cut it!"

"It looked awful for a while when it was growing. But after that, I was glad to have it long again!"

"Okay people! In case you've forgotten, we have something a *bit* more important to do..." Jack interjected.

"Yes. Sam? I assume your-"

"General!" Jack gave him a warning look. "We can't tell them anything. Remember?"

Hammond nodded apologetically.

"I'm sorry. What I meant to say was, I'm sure Jack here told you about our little problem?"

"Yes. He did." Supplied Jack with a sideways look at himself.

"Good. Then you'll understand that we need the memories of Jollinar to find out where Apophis took our Sam."

Sam frowned.

"Jollinar's dead. Are you sure this isn't an alternate reality?"

Jack stepped forward.

"When we got there, Sam said she remembered being there before. The obvious explanation was Jollinar. But then Apophis and his troops came out of no-where, and you know the rest."

"But how can you be sure?" queried Sam.

"Dad came soon after she was taken, and Selmak and a few others confirmed it for us. Jollinar hadn't told them where she had been taken, so obviously, we needed another Jollinar. The next flare was in under an hour, so we decided going back in time would be the quickest option. Besides, she mightn't have been taken over in an alternate reality. If you remember, she was a stay-on-base doctor in most of them."

Sam raised her eyebrows.

"You can predict solar flares now?"

Jack grinned.

"Yah sure you betcha!"

Sam smiled shyly.

"So, uh... you have another quantum mirror around here somewhere?" asked Daniel, looking around as if he expected it to appear out of thin air.

"That's classified. And can we please stay on topic here? We got a girl out there who needs our help!" complained Jack. Sam half smiled.

"Girl..." she whispered. Jack was the only one who heard her. He raised his eyebrows.

"Alright people. You know the story. Let's get a move on!" General Hammond moved out of the debriefing room. Both Jacks stopped at the door to let Sam in front of them. She couldn't help but smile as she passed them. -Jack and Jack glared at each other before moving off after her.

We've reached the bit where I forget everything. As I said before, fill in what you like, but NO kisses or hugs just yet. Some other teams went with them, and they don't do anything in front of them. Okay?

*glares at those of you even considering slipping a hug in there*

Now they're back on base in 2010, and Sam has been saved and the Goa'uld (yes, Apophis (generous guy that he is) made her his new queen) in her has been successfully removed. She's now being checked up in the infirmary. And if some of this doesn't make any sense, don't worry, cause although I remember it, even I don't know what it's there for! Just use you imaginations!

(And as the anti-shippers say, Teal'c's a bit of a window dressing in this one! Sorry!)

"Come in!"

-Sam opened the door and poked her head into Jack's office.

"Sir? You wanted to see me?" She walked in and closed the door behind her.

Jack smiled and closed the drawer on the filing cabinet he had been fiddling with.

"Sam! Hi!" He leaned against the cabinet. "How's it going?"

"Oh, well... We have to wait another twenty minutes at least, but what can you do?!" She smiled. Jack also smiled and walked over to her.

"I..." He looked down at his hands. "I want to thank you for saving Sam's life out there." He looked back up at her.

"Well, if *I* wouldn't save my own life, who would?!" She grinned, as did Jack. He looked back at his hands again.

"I'm sorry for jumping on you so suddenly back in your time. I guess... I was just happy to see you alive." He looked at her apologetically. She smiled.

"It's good to know *someone* cares about me!" Both of them grinned and looked at the floor.

When she looked up again, Jack was looking at her in a way she had never seen him look at her before. She stopped smiling as he put his hand against her cheek and gently brushed his knuckles against it. Unconsciously, she leaned into his caress. He put his other hand up to her right cheek and gently drew her toward himself.

Then he kissed her.

Ever so lightly, ever so tenderly, he brushed his lips against hers. She missed him as soon as he moved to the side, and she pulled him in for another. He offered no resistance and willingly kissed her again. This time, there was slightly more pressure, and she could feel the moistness of his mouth against hers.

After a minute, he pulled back and smiled down at her.

"I your me should have done that a lot sooner!" he whispered. Sam just smiled.


"Thanks... Major."

"Welcome... doctor?" Both Sams grinned at each other.

"SG-1, prepare to move out in... 60 seconds." called the greying technician from the control room.

Sam waved and headed back down the ramp. Jack, who was waiting in the crowd below, moved forward and smiled up at her. She smiled back and walked down to him. They looked at each other for a moment before Jack reached out and pulled her into a big hug. He had one arm around her waist, the other in her hair. Every so often he pressed his lips against the side of her face temple, ear, cheek -, he didn't seem to care who saw. And neither did Sam, as she had her arms well and truly tied around him.

-Daniel frowned and looked towards Sam and Jack. They looked at each other, and Sam smiled slightly before looking back down at herself and Jack.

"30 seconds..."

Suddenly, the door of the gateroom opened, and a small boy ran in.

"Mommy!" he yelled and ran up to Sam. She bent down and swung him up into the air. Janet came running in after him, out of breath.

"Sam! Oh, I'm sorry! The little scapegoat got out again! I don't know how he does it!"

"It's alright Janet!" smiled Sam.

-Sam stared at the boy, and Jack, -Daniel and Teal'c looked from him to her in surprise. He had pale skin, long blond hair, and dark brown eyes...

The little boy who couldn't have been more than three looked back at them, puzzled. Then recognition dawned on his young face.

"Mommy! That's you and D-mmm hmmm!"

"Shush shush shush!" Sam covered his mouth and smiled back at them. "How could that be me, honey? I'm here! Besides, she has short hair!"


"Wave bye-bye to our friends now!" The little boy waved at them, and Daniel waved back.


-Daniel and Teal'c turned towards the gate and moved forward. Jack and Sam watched as Jack wrapped his arm around Sam's waist, and leaned his head in against the boy's to make a face at him.


"Guys? You wanna do the hold hands thing again? So we all end up in the same time?" Daniel asked, turning around.

"Sure Danny."


-Jack caught hold of Sam and Daniel's hands again. He smiled down at Sam, and she smiled back.


"I know now what Cassie meant..."


As they stepped through the gate, -Sam felt -Jack give her hand a squeeze. She smiled and squeezed back. Then the gate took her...


End Notes: Ta-da!! Wotcha think? Remember, it was only a dream, and I only remember the good parts of my dreams, so you can't have missed much in the middle! I always appreciate feedback, and you are guaranteed a reply, so don't be afraid!! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge...) The real episode probably won't be half as good as this (well, duh!) (j/k!) but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Bye!

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