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Jack O'Neill sat back in his chair. He was bored. The big hobnobs never had much to say at these annual meetings except for complaining that the stargate program was too big a money drain. It was him and General Hammond against five of the Joint Chiefs. Every year they had this discussion and every year Hammond and Jack won it. Why they went through this every time was beyond Jack. It was just a waste of time to him when he could be out doing something important like exploring new worlds as was supposedly his job. But no he had to sit here and listen to these boring old sods ramble on and on.

Then it happened. Jack's leg began to cramp up. His face went white and he struggled back the scream forming in his mouth. He gripped his leg with one hand and grabbed Hammond's shirtsleeve with the other.

"Get Carter." he half ordered in a soft whisper. He new if he said any more than that the scream would come out. Hell these things hurt! And it was getting steadily worse. He needed Sam now! "Please sir. Call Sam!"

"Looks like you need Fraiser not Major Carter." Hammond said looking at him worriedly.

"Get Sam." Jack gasped out.

Hammond jumped up and called for both Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser to come immediately to the briefing room.

Several minutes later they both ran in. Sam took on look and Jack's face and ran over to him. Janet following close behind her.

"What's wrong?" Janet wanted to know.

Sam quickly knelt on the floor in front of Jack. She untied and pulled his boot off. She straightened his leg out, then placed his foot on her front just beneath her chest. She pushed against his leg and rubbed his calf until she saw the colour come back to his face.

He nodded to her and then pulled his leg away and put his boot back on, the pain having subsided.

"Thanks." His eyes conveying more gratitude.

"Anytime." Sam smiled then she stood up and began to head for the door.

"Ah Major." Hammond called. She stopped and turned around.

"Yes sir."

"How did you know how to do that?" she'd been dreading this question.

"Ah the Colonel has an old war wound sir. Sometimes it acts up on missions and I fix it for him. My Dad used to get them as well so I know what to do." she hoped that would satisfy him.

"Hmm very good Major dismissed." Sam turned back around and headed out the door, Janet in tow. A small smile of relief formed on her face. That had been close.

"So Sam." Janet asked when they were in the corridor headed back to their abandoned jobs. "How did you really know what to do?"

"I told you all in there"

"Yeah well you're a terrible liar."

"Um I have to go now. I'll see you later." Sam took off sprinting down the hall.

Janet grinned. It would appear she and Daniel now had more evidence to add to their collection.

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