Story Notes:

Summary: Jack watches Sam sleep.

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Sam, Jack and Daniel arn't mine.

Dedication: Becci and Loz who made me think that maybe watching Stagate wouldn't be so bad. Kevin and Justin for lending me countless videos in an effort to bring me up to date and Charon who have me the CD with Angel on.

Authors note: I haven't been watching stargate for very long and this is my fist SG-1 fic so if this is really bad I apologise I have a better fic nearly finished I promise :)

Distrabution: Any one who wants it can have it.

The fire light dances across her face as she smiles slightly in her sleep which makes me smile. She must be dreaming.

I was asked by Daniel once if I ever expected to have Sam for my own and I gave him some BS about it being against regulations but he wasn't fooled and I was grateful to him for leaving it alone and not making me voice my feelings, I wasn't ready to say it and she wasn't ready to hear it...

But we've been SG-1 for 4 long years now and in that time I've nearly lost her numourous times and I think I've come to the point where I can't stand the thought of losing her without telling her how I feel. Oh I know she knows, after all, we hade the whole Za'tarc thing but I want to tell her properly and I really want to hear her say she wants me to.

Maybe it's selfish, I mean, if we did this there'd be hell to pay at the SGC but I want to put Sam and I first for once, I'd rather retire than carry on this pretence any longer.

So when she wakes up I'm gonna ask her out for dinner when we get home and then I'm gonna tell her and hope she still feels the same.


End Notes: Please let me know what you think.

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