Story Notes: Season/Sequel: Future Story, sequel to “It’s Time, “Time to Move On, Time To Remember, and Time For Leaving.”

Feedback: Praise will light my life, constructive criticism will light the dark, and flames will light my best friends’ squares.

Authors Notes: This one was actually done three days ago, but I guess God has decided that He hates me.

Dedication: To Breniah, because she asked for it.

Sam was going to leave the SGC for me. I know she was, but I couldn’t let her. She loved her life there, and she loved the people there as well. Sometimes I wonder if that was such a great idea. Then again after last month she would have had to go back there anyway. My “flu” as we believed it to be turned out to be a strange new form of Hepatitis. If it hadn’t of been for the Tok’ra I would probably be dead now. Right now I am camped out with SG-1 and Jacob on a planet controlled by a powerful go'a'uld system lord. Jack and I are on watch, and over the time I’ve known him he has become more than just Sam’s friend. He’s become mine as well. With this thought I look over to where Sam sleeps.

“Tomorrow it will be one day from the day you married her.” My symbiote Ramisha tells me.

“I know that Ramisha. Trust me I don’t need a reminder.” I think back, looking back to Sam‘s sleeping form. She’s drooling a bit, and I lean over to wipe it away. When I lean back Jack is looking at me. The look in his eyes is halfway between sympathy and gratitude. He doesn’t begrudge me this simple pleasure because he’s been where I am now, and he doesn’t plan on being here ever again. If he ever is, I will have to severely beat him. I didn’t give Sam up for nothing.

“Maybe he has become your friend because you gave up Sam.”

“Ramisha that fact may have helped our friendship along, but we were already on that path when I gave her up. Besides he had resigned himself to the fact he couldn’t have her. He didn’t try to take her away, he was just happy to be her friend. I think that’s why I gave her up. I knew he could make her happy, and he loved her enough to let her go.” I’m almost in tears having this debate with Ramisha.

I look in Jack’s direction, and I see him staring at me.

“Thank you.” He says. “I don’t think I’ve ever told you that.”

“You’re welcome, but it should be me thanking you.” He looks puzzled when I say this so I continue. “You’ve made Sam happier than I could ever imagine. There is just a glow in her eyes and it’s because of you.” I say, and I’m shocked at how sincere I am about it.

“Well you’re welcome too then. I always knew Sam and I would have a time to be together, I just didn’t think it would be in this lifetime.” He says and after finishing that sentence we lapse into a companionable silence. As I look at him I realize that this IS their time to be together, because with a love as pure as theirs is there is only a time of rightness and a time of wrongness. It’s time for Jacob and Daniel’s watch now, and before falling into unconsciousness I take one last look at what used to be MY sleeping angel. My last thought before falling asleep is that maybe one day I can find a love that is so great it calls through the barrier’s of time, age, and military regulations. After all they have their time to be together, now I want mine.


End Notes: Aaron’s situation is one that I have recently been in. I had to choose between a friendship with two different people, or having a guy. I chose the same way Aaron did. I fifgured it’s better to have someone as a friend than not at all. This is how I cam up with the POV for this piece. If you’ve read this far in the series I commend you. I never thought I’d say this, but the series is done.

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