Story Notes: Season/Sequel: Future Story, sequel to “It’s Time.”

Feedback: Praise will light my life, constructive criticism will light the dark, and flames will light my best friends’ squares.

Authors Notes: I guess this is turning into a series. I never thought that I would be doing a series of stories, but then again I never thought I would be writing fanfic.

Dedication: To everyone who sent me feedback on the first one. I’m glad you all liked it.

Three months. That’s how long it’s been since I walked my only daughter down the aisle towards the man she loved so that she could marry a man she doesn’t. Three months ago I heard the catch in her voice as she said ‘I do.’ Three months since I saw her glance at Jack during her vows. Three months since Jack’s bullshit wedding toast. Sam let the one she loves go too, and no one knows that better than me.

“Except maybe me.”

“Oh shut up Selmac!” I think back. While on Earth I tend not to talk to Selmac out lout directly. People start to think you’re crazy after you talk to yourself for a while.

It’s been three months since Sam and Aaron said their vows, yet nothing has changed between Sam and Jack. That’s a lie. The flirting between them has settled down a bit, but only a bit. There’s also a sadness that laces everything now. The changes are so subtle that only the people who knew them best have noticed. He still tells his obscenely stupid jokes for her, and she still laughs for him, but his smile never quite reaches his eyes, and hers’ doesn’t light up the room like it used to. Before there was always hope that they would find a way around the military regulations, but now they have to get around morals as well. Part of me wishes that even though it’s against the fifth commandment and everything I’ve ever taught her to believe, that she would sleep with Jack. I found out that Aaron is sterile, hey being a General in the Air Force has to come in handy some time. Maybe Sam would end up pregnant and that would push them together. I know it’s time for both of them to move on, but I would willingly burn in hell for all of eternity if it would make my Sammy happy. It’s time for them both to move on, but they don’t. They don’t because you can’t move on from the one person you truly love-your soul mate. It’s been three months since George told Jack what Selmac had done. Three months since both Jack and Sam were to cowardly to stop the wedding from taking place. Three months since Sam through another obstacle in their way, and this just might be the one they can’t make it over. I wonder if God is throwing all these wrenches into the clockwork for a reason. Maybe, this is the path you have to take to obtain true happiness. One thing’s for sure. Shakespeare never said a truer word than when he said “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Three months since Sam vowed her life to Aaron. Six years since she vowed it to Jack. Three months since I saw a piece of Jack die in his eyes. They no longer have that twinkle that was all for her. Three months ago I realized that even though it’s time to move on they can’t because they loved each other so much. They, however, have realized that just a little too late.


End Notes: Alright does anyone want anymore. I need feedback for you to get more. And if that made no sense whatsoever I had one hour of sleep, and had spent seven straight hours in the sun with no breaks. It kinda fried my brain.

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