Story Notes: Author's notes: Hee! For Aardie, *snog*. Happy Easter Love.

Date: 27/03/05

Copyright (c) to Venom, 2005

Jack eyed the object in his hand like it would explode. "What is it?"

"It's chocolate. Duh."

He wasn't quite *that* stupid. "I can see that…"

"It's a Cadbury Crème Egg."

"It's gooey!"

The younger woman sighed. "It's supposed to be!"


She eyed the dog at her feet. He was looking up at her with pleading eyes, licking his lips at the chocolate. "If he can stomach it, I'm sure you can too."

"Dogs eat everything."

"Would you rather come and frolic with me in the park?"

"Frolic? I don't frolic."

"Sure you don't."

"I don't!"

"So, if I was, say, a tall, blue eyed blonde who *happened* to be a Colonel in the USAF and I asked you to come and frolic in the park with me, you would say no?"

"Of course I wouldn't! Uh, I mean, I would say no. Yes, definitely no." Cassie was far too young, in his opinion, to be this smart.

"Nup! Too late. You would say yes!"

"I would not!"

"You love her!"

To coin one of her phrases, Duh. "Do not!"

"Do too!"

"I do not!"

"Do you want to marry her? Have lots and lots of little babies and live happily ever after?"

Yes, please. "Of course not!"

"You're blushing!"

USAF Generals do *not* blush. "I am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"



"Shut up and eat your egg."

He swore he would never eat a Cadbury Creme Egg ever again.



Cheers, Venom69

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