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Pairings: Jack/Other, Jack/Sam

Season: S9 onwards

Spoilers: General for S9

Sequel/Series Info: Part 13 of The Conversation Series. Sequel to Conversation Piece

Status: Series

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Author’s Note: My thanks once again to my wonderful beta reader, Bonnie, for reading over this fic and pointing out the errors of my ways. Any remaining mistakes are entirely my own.

Brief Summary of previous parts:

After Sam's father dies, and Sam splits with Pete, Jack and Sam finally start dating and before they know it are married, with Sam working temporarily on a project at the Pentagon so that she can be with Jack.

When Sam gets pregnant it causes a temporary hiccup in their relationship. Full of self doubt about motherhood and how it will affect her career, she doesn't tell Jack and returns to the SGC, leaving him broken hearted, but he refuses to let her go and they reconcile. Jack manages to persuade the President to allow him to work from Colorado Springs for half the week so he can be there for his pregnant wife, with a promise that he will get to Washington if required.

Because of what happened with his son Charlie, Jack has his own doubts about raising another child but, nevertheless, is thrilled by the birth of a baby girl who they name Alice Dorothy.

This story is set a few weeks after the birth.

Clandestine Conversation

The bar was a known, albeit high class, pick up joint and Jack sat sipping his beer and eyeing up the local talent. It wasn't long before he was approached; a good-looking man like Jack sitting on his own was bound to be a target.

"Wanna buy me a drink big guy?" she asked and Jack thought it was a pretty corny line but looked at the woman and smiled. She was attractive; a drink couldn't hurt.

"Sure. What would you like?"

"Jack Daniels on the rocks."

Jack ordered and she clinked her glass against his bottle and smiled. She had a great smile. He leaned back and looked her over more thoroughly. These weren't cheap clothes she was wearing and she was smartly turned out and didn't wear too much make up. The dark hair was clearly a wig.

"Like what you see?" she said with a seductive drawl.

"Yeah, I like."

"So what's a good looking man like you sitting in a place like this on his own?"

"What's a good looking woman like you doing trying to pick me up?" he countered.

"You think I want to pick you up?"

"Don't you?"

"Sure. I like to play away when I'm far from home and I go for what I like the look of. I like the look of you."

"I'm flattered."

"But are you interested?"

"Kind of getting to the point quick, aren't ya?"

"Why not? Life's too short."

"Yeah, right!"

"Not much of a conversationalist are you?"

"I get the idea that it isn't conversation you're interested in."

"You're right, it isn't." She ran her finger along his thigh and Jack gasped. "I don't like to waste time. As I said, if I'm interested, I go for it. So?"

"I'm married."

"And that makes a difference because? You're a man aren't you?"

She smiled winningly, continuing to stoke his thigh, and Jack made no move to stop her. It felt too good. He was starting to get aroused. It had been way too long.

"My wife's recently had a baby."

"Which probably means you aren't getting it at home. So if you want to play away, where's the harm?"

He considered that, mulling it over and over and simply looking at this attractive woman, appraising his options.

"My name's…" he started.

"No names," she interrupted. "It's much more fun that way."


"Is that a yes?"

"It's a maybe. So you like it anonymous, huh?"

"It's better all round with a one night stand, don't you agree?"

"Mmm… it has an appeal. What else do you like?" he asked, warming to the theme.


"Sounds good."

She said nothing, merely looking into his eyes, and Jack sucked in a breath. It was difficult to say no.

"Where would you suggest we go?" he asked.

"My hotel. It's down the street. So it's a yes?"


By now the whole idea had him worked up. He needed sex; he needed it now.

"Ten minutes. Take this."

She pressed a card key into his hand and when he saw the hotel name he raised his eyebrows in surprise. This was a glitzy, expensive place. He nodded and she turned and left, her walk a sexy sway that made him want her all the more.

Playing with the key card in his hands, Jack stepped into the elevator. He had to admit that he was exhausted from a long hard day, which had started not long after he'd got to bed. Another crisis, another drama, another day of mounting tension and edge of seat sitting. Sometimes he still resented the fact that his ass was in a chair instead of out there mixing it with alien bad guys, getting shot at and damned near killed on a regular basis. Scary, yes, but what a rush!

Exhausted he might be but he figured he needed what he anticipated was coming when he got to the room. Room 216. That was it. He swiped the card, got the green light, turned the handle and walked in. It had been a long time since he'd had sex with Sam. He was only human, and a weak willed man who had an itch to scratch.

She was standing just inside the door, waiting and wearing nothing but a bustier, with stockings, suspenders and very high-heels. Man! Holding her finger to his lips to indicate he should say nothing, Jack obeyed, letting her take control. She seemed to know exactly what he wanted and needed.

Pulling his jacket from his shoulders, she tossed it on a chair. Then she slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, caressing the chest and abdomen underneath as each one opened at her command, and taking control of a passionate and quick seduction. Afterwards, he reached for her, but she wouldn't let him, instead taking his hand and leading him into the bathroom.

"Jacuzzi? Wow!" he exclaimed. This was pretty high class.

"Get in," she demanded and he obeyed as she fiddled with a few controls and then joined him.

"Nice!" he exclaimed.

This time Jack took control, although the women did things to him during that encounter that no one else ever had and he was bowled over by it. Once he got his breath back he regarded her coolly, getting up and pulling her with him. Taking a towel, he dried her slowly, caressing her body as he did so. She sighed.

"You want more?"

"As much as my body will let me, and yours," he breathed. "That okay with you?" he asked, and she nodded, "Bed." He led her towards it.

Lying next to her, he kissed her neck and shoulders, along her breastbone, and up to her face, possessing her lips with his. And then he removed the wig, revealing her short blonde hair.

"So why the game, Sam?"

"It was fun, wasn't it?"

"Yeah. I loved it. Thanks for the invitation." He smiled at her adoringly.

Jack had been surprised to receive the note, so clearly in Sam's hand. It read: "Let's have sex. Meet me in 'The Dug Out' 19:00. You don't know me."

Trusting that she had made suitable arrangements for the care of their child, Jack was more than willing to participate in this fantasy she seemed to be setting them up for. Sam had never even mentioned sex for weeks and now this. Wonders will never cease.

She was obviously getting as desperate as he was, and the only way they could do it without any fear of interruption was outside of the home. It seemed she intended to make the most of this arrangement and had enjoyed the role she played as much as he had. Talk about adding spice to a marriage. Wow!

"But you don't want to play anymore?" she teased.

"I want to make love to my beautiful wife."

"Your beautiful wife is more than willing to make love to her handsome husband. Just… let's take a short break, huh?" she smiled.

"You betchya." He curled up close to her, holding her in his arms. "Alice? Is Jean looking after her?"

"Actually, no. Uncles Daniel and Teal'c are babysitting."

"What?" he shot up, looking worried.

"Relax Jack. They have strict instructions to call if we're needed. They can both look after a baby, and they're thrilled. Let them play uncle for the night. If I'm not worried neither should you be, although I have to admit it isn't easy to leave her, but we need a night to ourselves. We both need this, and we need to leave her sometime. Now is as good a time as any."

"A night?"

"Yeah, they're staying at ours for the night, so we get a whole one to ourselves. So relax, Jack, okay?"

"Wow, a whole night? God, I love you Sam." He kissed her cheek tenderly. "And that was pretty amazing."


"Oh man, yes."

"We could have carried on the pretence. It might have been fun."

"It was fun," he responded. "It was fantastic but, as I said, I want to make love to my wife. When I'm up to it, that is," he added. "I sure hope I am."

"You will be," she smiled and kissed him lovingly. "But let's just lie here for a while, cuddling."

"That I am definitely up to." He squeezed her affectionately and they lay in silence just holding each other. "That was pretty adventuress stuff, Sam; different," Jack smiled.

"Well, Jack, Sam Carter might never have had the nerve to try it but…"

"Madam Anonymous did?"

"That about sums it up, yes."

"I guess maybe if Sam Carter had done it I might have been more shocked."

"You may not have been so open to it?"

"Don't know. Maybe."

"In that case Madam Anonymous will have to make a comeback sometime."

"I think I'd like that. Maybe she'd be willing to try some other stuff."

"What other stuff?"

"I don't know; whatever we think might be fun stuff, different stuff."

"I think I'd like that too, Jack."

"So don't leave it too long before you write me another note," he smiled and kissed her tenderly.

"Nothing to stop you writing me a note," Sam responded and Jack thought that he might do just that.

"Not too often. Got to keep it fun Sam."

"You mean too much of a good thing...?"

"Yeah, I think. You?"

"If we ever manage to have sex in our own bed again I might agree with you," she answered light-heartedly.

"Well, we'll make more of an effort to do that, Sam. I guess I thought you weren't interested. Too wrapped up with the baby, too tired."

"Getting jealous?"

"A little."

"I'm sorry I gave you that impression, Jack, I didn't mean to. I thought the same thing about you."

"You did?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Dammit, Sam, why is it that we could almost read each other's minds when I was your CO and now we can't? How'd we lose that?"

"Because we fell in love? Because now we let our hearts rule our heads rather than the reverse? I don't know, Jack; this is a totally different kind of relationship. Maybe we just stopped trying. So maybe we just need to try?"

Jack smiled, nodding, and Sam gave him a quick peck on the cheek, settling down quietly in his arms again and pondering that conversation.

'Note to self,' she thought, 'check out what other interesting experiments Madam Anonymous might try with her nameless secret lover.'

Sam liked that idea very much and started mentally toying with the notion of buying different wigs and trying out various versions of Madam Anonymous, or maybe she meant various versions of Sam Carter. It was a concept that preoccupied her for a while until her thoughts drifted onto their daughter. She was very happy as Mrs O'Neill, married to a man she cherished and with a beautiful baby, but it was simply another version of Sam Carter.

It made her wonder how well she knew herself and, therefore, how well Jack knew her, and vice versa. Even after all this time they were learning from and discovering each other. Perhaps they were also encouraging parts of themselves that were previously submerged to rise to the surface. Some of those might be good and some might be bad but it was inevitably interesting, which had to be a good thing.

"I think I might call home, just to check on Alice," she said eventually, thoughts of Mother Sam Carter prompting her to it, and Jack smiled to himself.

"Okay, baby. Good idea."

As his wife spoke to Daniel, Jack caressed her back, running his hands up and down her spine and nibbling her shoulders and the back of her neck. He felt her shiver at the touch and grinned. He was starting to feel up to it.

"Daniel, it's the first time I've left her alone. If I didn't trust you I wouldn't have left her to your tender mercies. Of course I trust you. It's normal for parents to want to check on their children. Don't get so defensive. I'm sure you would have called if anything had happened." She sighed and rolled her eyes at Jack, who laughed and then grabbed the phone.

"Daniel, stop moaning, will ya? The sooner my wife gets off the phone, the sooner I can get back to having mind blowing sex with her, okay?" he imagined Daniel blushing to his roots at the other end of the phone. Daniel stammered at him but didn't actually say anything. "I assume our beautiful baby daughter is okay? Yes? Fine. In that case, we'll see you tomorrow morning."

Jack put the phone down and started to massage Sam's neck. She so loved neck rubs. Sam purred as his fingers magically worked over her.

"So what would you do if a real Madam Anonymous did that to you in a bar, Jack?" Sam asked curiously.

"You want to know if I'd be tempted? Of course I would," he felt her stiffen and continued his massage, "I'm not a saint Sam. Tempted I might be, but I'm not interested in any woman but you. I want you more than anything I ever wanted, except maybe Alice. I've had my chances with women. I could lead a double life in DC for all you know, but I don't. The only Madam Anonymous I'm interested in is an incarnation of Sam Carter."

Sam was surprised that he said that about Sam Carter, as he if he'd read her earlier thoughts. Sometimes Jack was way more astute than even she realised he could be. There were so many facets to this man that she thought she could spend a lifetime exploring them, and that was exactly what she intended to do.

"So, let's get back to business, shall we?" he said, finishing off the neck rub and urging Sam to lie beside him on the bed again.

"Absolutely," she agreed.

"Hear that?"


"Absolutely nothin'."

Jack sighed contentedly and she smiled as he pulled her into his arms and started to make love to her again. This was one of the best ideas she'd ever had.


Back at Jack and Sam's, Alice's two adopted uncles were enjoying themselves tremendously, doting on the baby. At least they were until she started crying and neither of them could find a way of making her stop.

"Should we not telephone the hotel, Daniel Jackson?" Teal'c asked, perplexed.

"Not if we can avoid it, Teal'c. Sam and Jack deserve some time alone. I don't want to interrupt…" he blushed as he imagined what they might be interrupting if they called.

"But we have attempted to resolve it. Is the baby ill?"

"I don't think so. She doesn't seem to have a temperature. Maybe she's missing her mom."

"If that is so, then we can do little to compensate."

"Perhaps we should give Jean Kearney a call, see what she thinks?"

"I concur."

Jean turned up within 10 minutes of their call, holding a casserole.

"I was going to pop this round tomorrow, but thought I might as well bring it now," she said with a smile, handing it to Daniel," Perhaps you can put it in the kitchen? Where's Alice?"

Daniel pointed her to the living room and took the casserole into the kitchen as requested. When he joined them in the living room Jean had the baby in her arms and was cross-examining Teal'c. He was trying to explain that they had tried feeding, changing, burping and cuddling, all to no avail.

"She probably misses Sam," Jean said, "There is nothing quite like the mother for a baby this age. This is the first time Sam has left her. Perhaps she was over ambitious making it a whole night away for the first time."

"Should we call her?" Daniel asked.

"Let's try to settle her down first," Jean replied, "if it doesn't work, we'll call." Getting up with the baby in her arms she wandered through to the nursery. "Did you try bringing her in here?" she asked.

"Umm… no," Daniel admitted.

"The familiar surroundings might help. This is baby's room, after all."

Jean held Alice close to her breast and the baby responded to that, nestling her head against the soft bosom and starting to calm down.

"Seems to be working," Jean said with a smile. "I can't do what Sam does with these but they seem to be acting as a partial substitute.

"Something neither Teal'c or I can do," Daniel sighed with frustration, "Now I know what Jack means."

"What do you mean?" Jean probed.

"That there is something between mothers and babies that fathers can't replicate. Neither can you but you come closer than we do. I hope this doesn't mean they won't let us baby sit anymore." Both Daniel and Teal'c looked perturbed by that notion.

"Boys," Jean said, "don't worry too much. Alice will get used to being without mamma. All babies do. She isn't weaned properly yet, that's all. It'll happen." She swayed with Alice, who sucked at the clothing on her breast. "See what I mean?"

"So we don't need to call them?"

"I don't think so. I'll stay around for a while if you like."

Daniel and Teal'c both grinned with gratitude and sat down in the nursery, simply watching as Alice went to sleep at last. Once Jean was sure she slept, she laid her down in the crib and watched for a while to ensure she was settled. Apparently she was.

"Are you going to tell Jack and Sam you called me?" Jean asked once they had returned to the living room.

"I guess we should," Daniel responded. "They will probably want to know every detail of what we did tonight. Can't lie to them. They should know about it."

"I agree," Jean replied, "I'll have a word with Sam about weaning. After all, I weaned 6 of the little beggars. Books are all very well and good, but there is nothing quite like years of experience."

By the time Jack and Sam came home next morning, Jean had gone and Alice was up, fed and changed and seemed happy about it. As soon as Sam walked in the door she took her baby in her arms, whispering how much she had missed her, and how much she loved her. Jack looked on proudly, a huge smile on his face.

"How was it guys? Any trouble?" he asked.

Daniel explained what had happened, looking sheepish. Sam handed her baby over to her father, who looked exquisitely happy with that action, and hugged Daniel, urging Teal'c to join the embrace.

"It's okay guys. It's not your fault. You should have called."

"We didn't think there was anything too much wrong with her, Sam. If we thought she was ill…"

"Yeah, well I for one am glad you didn't call, guys," Jack said dreamily, mind wondering to the copious sexual activity of the night before and that morning before they left. They had certainly made up for some of that lost time. He hoisted Alice in the air, pulling her towards his face and kissing her. Sam joined them and kissed her husband on the cheek.

"You look so cute, Jack," she said.

"Cute? General Jack O'Neill can't afford to look cute," he objected in jest.

"Papa O'Neill can, though, can't he?"

"Can't have her back, Sam. I'm holding her like this forever," Jack smiled, staring at Alice with a smitten expression.

"That could get kind of awkward, Jack, when she needs her diaper changing,"

Sam grinned, besotted with Jack's infatuation with their daughter. She so loved how Jack was with Alice. He was a great father and she told him so on a regular basis, wanting to keep those nightmares from invading him again. She wondered how often he thought about Charlie and what those thoughts were. As a result of that experience there must be some aspects to having a child that Jack was uncomfortable with, but he seemed so happy and she had seen no signs of the nightmares reappearing.

She didn't want to raise that subject unless it was needed. No point in bringing it up just for the sake of it in case that sparked something he wasn't even thinking.

"Hey!" exclaimed Daniel, "how about I take some photos of momma, poppa and baby bear? Can never have enough photos to embarrass her with when she's a teenager, huh?"

Jack and Sam laughed, and Jack suggested they go into the yard to take photos, as it was such a gloriously sunny day. Daniel snapped away: Alice with mom, with dad, then together, then with Teal'c. Teal'c took a couple with Daniel.

"Jack, you take her again. Hold her up to your face, like you did inside," Daniel suggested.

Jack pulled her to him, leaned down to her face, his eyes closed in adoration of the moment, and Alice did almost the most perfect thing possible; her mouth opened and she gently took hold of his nose. Daniel clicked the camera and then looked at the screen at what he'd captured.

"Cool photo! Take a look."

They all stood around the Camera, admiring the shot.

"Wow, Jack that really is cute," Sam said with a huge smile.

"Isn't it?" Jack grinned proudly, "my beautiful baby daughter."

Passing Alice to Teal'c, he took Sam in his arms and pulled her close.

"God, mom, I love you so much," he whispered to his wife. "Thank you for last night. For the reminder that we both exist too."

"I love you too, Jack," Sam responded, squeezing him gently and following that with a kiss. "Always."

"Great photo!" Daniel exclaimed again, having captured that love with the camera. "For posterity."

Jack and Sam smiled, happy in each other's arms while Uncle Teal'c took care of their child.

"Posterity," Jack said," nothin' like it," he grinned, and then he kissed Sam again.


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