Story Notes: Paradise lost and found 2: SPOILERS: Paradise Lost, tiny ones for 100 days

SEASON/SEQUEL: Season 6, sequel to my story Paradise lost and found

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AUTHORS NOTES: This is for everyone who asked for a sequel. Thank you especially to Gwen who spends hours making me music videos and Clara for making me such a wonderful web site.

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COPYRIGHT: Amanda Hawthorn January 2003

Major Samantha carter looked up, her unseeing eyes focused on the sky. Her thoughts were with her commanding officer, Colonel Jack O’Neill.

It had been almost a month now since he disappeared on this planet, almost a month since she had slept a full night sleep. Her stomach churned nervously as she waited for the first signs of the tok’ra ship, which carried her beloved Colonel back to them.

Beloved, she mused with a smile where had that come from? She loved him all the same, and soon he would be back where he belonged, safe and on solid ground.

Thinking back to the past month, she found it hard to focus on the long days without him. The days had seemed to pass in a blur, as the pain in her heart had intensified. Every day merged into the other, every minute seemed like an hour while he was away.

A hand suddenly touched her shoulder making him jump, startled by the contact. Turning her head, she saw Teal’c standing worriedly behind her.

“Major Carter, are you alright?”

Smiling for the first time in weeks she nodded her head “He’ll be home soon Teal’c, back where he belongs.” Turning away from him again, she raised her head to the blue skies.

Teal’c watched her intently as her eyes scanned the sky. He found his own eyes following the path of hers waiting for any sign.

“ I miss him Teal’c,” she told him quietly, so quietly that he almost hadn’t heard her.

Reaching out a hand to her shoulder, he squeezed it in answer. He knew how she felt about O’Neill. He knew how much she had cried at his loss, and he knew how much she needed him back, if only for his presence.

“ Teal’c please don’t tell him ok?” she asked keeping her head turned away, afraid that he might see the tears pooling in her eyes.

“You have my word Major Carter,” he told her solemnly.

Sam sighed heavily as she reached a hand to hold his on her shoulder still keeping her face turned away from him “ I’m so scared Teal’c, what if he didn’t want to come home like the last time?”

“ Your fears are understandable,” he told her “ I assure you, O’Neill would never risk losing you a second time.”

She turned around quickly to look at him, only then did he see the tears in her eyes. He was about to speak when Jonas called out to them taking long strides to where they were both stood.

As he neared he saw that Sam was crying “Sam,” he asked concerned “what’s wrong? Are you ok?”

“I’m ok Jonas,” she said hurriedly wiping the tears from her face “just had something in my eye, it’s gone now.”

“You’re sure because it looked like you were crying….”

“ Major Carter told you not to be concerned Jonas Quinn,” Teal’c warned, cutting him off in mid sentence.

Jonas was confused. He looked from Sam back to Teal’c, and not for the first time he felt like the new guy that no one trusted.

“Ok,” he smiled then, fighting the hurt down inside him, “I just came to tell you that the Tok’ra ship has entered the atmosphere.”

“ Thank you Jonas,” she breathed in relief as she turned to embrace Teal’c warmly. Feeling a little awkward Jonas moved away slightly, feeling intrusive.

“Jonas get back here,” she smiled moving to pull him into a tight hug. Grinning wildly his arms reached around her, holding her in return, amazed at this woman and the genuine affection she held for her team.

As she moved away from him, the sound of the ships engines rumbled in the air, making the ground shudder beneath them.

The wind from the engines whipped around the three friends causing Sam’s hair to billow wildly in all directions. Her eyes followed the ships landing approach, afraid that if she blinked he would disappear from her again.

Jonas felt Teal’cs arm on his shoulder, motioning for him to move away from Sam as the doors began to open. He looked at his friend questioningly, and then something seemed to register in his brain. Nodding his head he moved away with Teal’c, allowing Sam and the colonel to have a private reunion away from their prying eyes.

Sam’s heart was beating wildly in her throat, her eyes searching for the colonel. Time seemed to slow down as she saw him emerge from the doorway.

The second she saw his handsome face, all the grief, all the pain began to melt away, bringing with it an emotional tidal wave that pooled her eyes with tears.

His eyes locked with hers, holding them captive as he slowly made his way towards her, ignoring the pain in his thigh. She was here; her eyes shining with unshed tears. His major, his Sam.

Sam’s legs seemed to be rooted to the spot. All she wanted to do was run to him and throw her arms around him, tell him how much she’d missed him. But, she couldn’t.

The tears that had been controlled until now started to roll down her face as he neared. At last finding her feet she slowly began to move forward towards him, until they came to a stop mere inches apart.

Jack couldn’t stand it any longer as he lunged forward to pull her into his arms, burying his head in the crook of her neck. She clung to him fiercely, clamping her arms tightly around him; her body shook with quiet sobs. Feeling the small tremor of her body against his brought his own emotional tidal wave, as he clung to her desperately, drawing strength from her warmth and love. His tears melted into her shoulder, the material there soaking up his despair of the weeks without her. Long weeks where he thought he would never again see her beautiful smile. Long weeks filled with regret for all the wasted years when they could have been together.

“ God you’re so beautiful,” he spoke into her shoulder, his voice cracked with emotion “ I thought I’d lost you forever this time.”

Hearing his words only made her pull him in closer to her “ Never,” she sobbed fiercely “you’ll never lose me.”

Closing his eyes tightly, he burrowed his face deeper into her shoulder, holding her shaking body to his “I missed you.”

Sam shuddered; those three little words had never seemed so beautiful. At last she moved slightly so she could see his face.

Jack fought her for a brief moment, unwilling to lose contact with her body for the briefest of seconds. He felt her urging him upwards to face her. When his eyes at last came into contact with hers, he almost came undone. All the longing, all the love and all the grief shone clearly from her eyes.

Her hands came up to frame his face tenderly, her eyes searching his. “ I missed you so much,” she sniffed back a fresh onslaught of tears “ I was so scared I’d never see you again.” Tracing his face lovingly with her fingers she smiled through her tears “Here you are.”

“Here I am,” he grinned, his eyes still filled with watery emotion.

Smiling up at him, she pulled his head forward to gently touch his forehead against her own. They stood together for an eternity, until the roar of the Tok’ra ship taking off brought them into the present. Stepping back, they watched as the ship climbed it’s way upwards, swirling the wind around them.

When it had finally disappeared from view, neither of them was in any hurry to move away from the other. A loud cough sounded behind them and they both turned to see a grinning Jonas and a very happy Teal’c.

Jack left Sam’s arms to lunge towards his friends. “Teal’c buddy,” he laughed, engulfing his fried in a hug, slapping him on the shoulder as they pulled away. He reached out a hand to Jonas, shaking his hand in both of his, before pulling him to into a hug.

“ You guys,” he grinned happily. Sam found herself being drawn into his arms again, pulling her close to him.

“Lets get you home Colonel,” she smiled up at him “ Janet will want to take a look at your leg.”

“ Oh do I have to,” he whined playfully “ I know she’s got a six foot needle she’s just dying to stick in my butt!”

Sam couldn’t help it, she giggled at the thought, her heart feeling lighter than it had in a very long time.

“Come on Sir,” she beamed “ what say we all celebrate tonight? I’ll even let you eat pizza and watch hockey.”

“ How could I refuse an offer like that?” he asked affectionately as he planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“ Dial up Teal’c,” he told his friend happily “lets go home.”


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