'What do you mean that's not allowed?'

'It's not allowed cause I say so.'

'That's not a reason, Major'

'Yes it is.'

'No, it's not.'

'Yes, it is!'

'No, it's not, and as your commanding officer, I'm commanding you to do it.'

If Sam Carter was still 5 years old, she would have humphed. As it was, she sighed dramatically.

'Can't have any fun while you're around,' she muttered underneath her breath, and winked at Teal'c. She knew her Colonel far too well.

'Excuse me?'

'Sir?' she replied, feigning innocence.

'What did you just say, Major?'

'I'm sorry, Colonel, I don't know what your talking about.'




'Right.' If Jack O'Neill was 5 years old, he would have humphed. As it was, he frowned.

Jonas chose that moment to join the conversation from a verbal point.

'Umm, I know I should probably know what this is about, but I'm putting it down to the whole
new-to-the-planet thing, but could somebody please explain? I think I joined the conversation
a little late.'

Sam tore her glare away from the man standing opposite her, the annoyed look still on her face.

'The Colonel here is *ordering* me to put *tinsel* up around my lab.'

Jonas's face said it all. But he chose to re-iterate his lack of knowledge.

'And...I take it this is a bad thing?'

'Yes, Jonas. Tinsel is metallic, and tends to interfere with certain *experiments*.'

The emphasis on certain words was not missed by their intended victim.

'Carter, it's Christmas.'

'Your point, Sir?'

'Christmas is supposed to be fun.'

'My fun doesn't contain annoying experiment-destroyers.'

'Yeah, and it also doesn't contain fishing,' Jack said before he could stop himself, but it was too late.

Sam's face registered shock, hurt, annoyance and a slight hint of laughter all at once. Jonas
did his confused look.


'Shut up, Jonas.'

'Ooook.' Jack turned his attention back to Sam.

'What if it was plastic?'

'Plastic tinsel, Sir?'

'You can get it.'

'I'm sure. And what shade of disgusting candle-wax were you planning on, Sir?'

'Carter!' Jack was finally exasperated.

'Sir! I can't help it if the metal in the tinsel disrupts the magnetic field created by the-'

'Ah!' Jack threw his hands in the air. 'It's Christmas, Carter. No big words allowed!'

'What do you mean, they're not allowed?'

The End!

(C) Charlie

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