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You'd think with all the time, we'd spent together over the last five years, these people would've learnt, to trust my gut reactions? I really would have thought they would of; my gut's been very reliable over the years, gotten me out of several tight situations. So why was it so hard for them to trust it? I just don't understand, I would've thought Teal'c, would see past the Aschen's mask.

Maybe I was just wrong about those people, who were supposed to be my friends, fought by side on many occasions. They all just wanted a quick fix for their problems and they're taking it. Even though they've no idea what other agenda the Aschen have. My uncle always told me, people always have a second agenda, good or bad, they always have one.

Finally, its official and I can get the hell out of here. They don't need me anymore and I don't need them, so its time for me to pack my bags and go, leave them to see what they've done. How they've been screwed, and put the planet in more jeopardy than any System Lord, had ever put us in.

I think it would have been a little obvious, when the Aschen were put into contact with the Asguard, and now five months later, the Replicators suddenly over powered them and destroyed any sign of them. It just doesn't fit, the last communication, received from Thor, said they'd the whole situation in hand, and they were sure they'd come up, with a way of getting rid of the little buggers. It doesn't add up in my book.

Most of my things are packed away, just waiting for the removal van to come get them, taking some of the furniture to my sisters in Chicago and some bits to my brother's in LA. Not that they needed the furniture; some of it's from our grandparents house and others that they've always fancied having. All I've got to do is pack my bags, dropped them at my cabin and drive to Chicago, spending sometime with my sister and her new baby. Can't have another niece or nephew, having no idea who Uncle Jack is.

Now there's no SGC for me, my family ties need to be strengthen, spending some time with my kid sister and brother. I haven't seen them since Charlie's funeral, which is sad to think about, all the times I missed with both of them and Charlie.

Knock, Knock

Oh thank heavens their here, I swear they'd told me nine o'clock, just oh say two hours late.

Rubbing a hand through my hair, I get up off the couch, turning the sound down on the TV, throwing the remote back to the couch as I climb the stairs into the hallway. Opening the door, I think about slamming it in her face, but I see the removal van pulling up behind her bike, the driver and his mate, arguing over something.

"Sir, can I talk to you?" She plays with the zipper of her jacket, her sunglasses hooked to her blouse, which has three buttons undone, showing a tempting amount of skin I've never seen before. Those BDU t-shirts don't do her any justice.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Sir, we're here to pick up the stuff for LA?" The young man said stepping passed a surprised Carter.

Rubbing a hand over my forehead, I stepped out onto the porch.

"Err LA stuff that's in the garage. Carter, erm go on in and make ya self at home, there's some coffee freshly brew in the kitchen"

She nods her head, stepping into the hallway, looking around the lounge while going into the dining room, turning the corner into the kitchen. Why'd she have to come here now?

I lead the young man round to the garage, aware of the van reversing backwards down the driveway towards me. Pulling the garage door open, I flick the light switch on, lighting up the whole of the garage.

"All of this is going to LA, sir?" I nod my head at him, leaving them to get on with it, noticing for the first time I wasn't wearing any shoes.

Leaping up the steps to the porch, I enter the hallway wearily. The enemy was in my house somewhere; her naivety had cost her my friendship. She's the one who'd shot me down with no mercy, when I was expressing my doubts even told me I was just being like that because it would make me redundant.

Shoving my hands into my pockets, I go in the direction I last saw her go in, finding her sat at the breakfast bar, in the kitchen. I have to stop and take this in; they'd been several dreams of this. Spending the night before making love to one another, waking up to find her gone, only to find her again, sat at the breakfast bar, reading the morning paper. But that chance was gone now, I lost that dream when Joe I'm-so-smart Ambassador, showed up on the scene.

Scratching the back of my head, I entered the kitchen, clearing my throat to let my presence to known. She sprung round on her stool, a protective hand staying round her mug.

"What's the removal van for, sir?" You think with all her intelligence, she'd know what a removal van was for. I even think there's a hint in its name. 'Removal' van.

"I don't think that's any of your business, Major. And it's Jack, not sir anymore" I say pouring myself a cup of coffee.

Sipping at my coffee, I take a stool opposite from her, putting the breakfast bar between us as a barrier, a barrier to keep my feelings to myself and to keep her from hurting me. The briefing room table hadn't done a good job, so why do I think being on home territory will help?

"Carter, what d'ya want? I've got lots on today, so you've got to be quick" I hate being like this with her, I can tell that I'm hurting her, her eyes are avoiding the sight of me, focus on anything else but me.

"I just came by to say I sorry, about how I put you down. I should never have spoken to you like that, you being my superior officer and CO" She's fiddling with her fingers, there's probably millions of thoughts going through her head, and none of them are about us.

Seeing her in that restaurant with the ambassador, assured me that would never happen now, she's moved on and so have I. I need to move on emotionally and I can't do that with her, reminding me of what I've lost. Over the months, I've only noticed how much our paths cross. She goes to the same supermarket as me, we go to the same take out's, we've got the same friends nearly.

"Whatever, Carter. It doesn't matter now anyhow, you've all made up your mind about them, my penny ain't worth much to you lot anymore like it used too" I had to spat that last bit out, it'd been eating me up inside, I remember my word was worth a man's life and now it wasn't enough to rub two penny's together.

She gulps down the last of her coffee, putting her jacket back on that'd been draped over the back of the chair. I'm not moving. Let her leave. She didn't try to stop me those months ago. So I'm not going to stop her now, she's made her bed and she can lie in it. Even if greasy hair Joe's lying in it with her.

"I'm sorry sir, if that's how you feel. I can tell you don't want me here, so I'll leave you to your busy day"

Go, walk away from me. I don't care if my heart's following you out the door, take it. It's causing me too much hassle anyway, take it and stamp on it like you did five months ago. And while you're at it, get Joe to stamp on it as well.

Why do I get the feeling, I said some of that out loud? May have something to do with the front door slamming and then her coming back into the kitchen. Ooooo that's interesting, I've never seen that look in her eyes before. Sara looked just like that when she was about to

"I'll show you hassle" I just barely missed the apple, diving to the floor behind the breakfast bar. I'm glad she hasn't had the practised Sara had over the years; Sara could get me with the first throw.

Several other fruits come flying over the breakfast bar, hitting the wall with a thud until one went straight through the wall, a cloud of dust raising from the new formed hole. Crawling round the other side of the breakfast bar, I slip out of the back door as the assault of pot and pans descends on me. Throwing each one of them at the door, one of them hitting me on the butt.

Rubbing my backside, I scrambled to my feet, jumping over the back porch railing, disappearing out of sight when I hear the back door open. My big mouth gets me into more trouble than it's worth. Sara never threw a pot so it hit me on the butt.

She's stomping back and forth on the back porch, trying to figure out where I went. This is why I like my back garden, lots of brushes and trees to high in, and a gap under the porch, enough for me to crawl into. I can see her feet moving, casting shadows down between the boards.

"I haven't got time to play hide and seek with you, sir. You either come out and face me, or I'm leaving" Please go, I need to go look at my butt in the mirror, and I think I've got the makers name imprinted on my butt.

Sighing, she opens my back door and goes back into the house. Crawling out, I can hear her bike roar to life and then speed off down the street. I sit back against the house wall, wincing at the pain from the forming bruise. I think spending sometime in Chicago will do me some good. Spend sometime with my sister, and see my mom for a few days. Just getting away from my life would do me some good.


Driving for about 6 hours 35 minutes, not I was counting, and I'm so tired, I could sleep through World War 3 when it starts up. 657 miles later, I'm pulling up outside my sister's house, seeing all the lights on. I'm glad that I called her early and told her I'd be late; I don't really fancy the obstacle course of the front garden, in the pitch black.

Getting with a sigh, I pulled the keys out of the ignition, closing the door behind me. It feels good to be on old home turf, my younger days stomping ground. Being in the Chicago area, it has a different smell to it, a whole different atmosphere to it.

Opening the back door, I take out my bag, slinging it over my shoulder while I close the back door. Locking my truck with the remote, I begin the journey on the obstacle course, watching out for the skateboard that must belong to Greg, the pogo stick that belongs to little Jade, and other toys lying around the front garden and porch.

Tapping my knuckles on the windowpane, I drop my bag by the door, turning my back to the door with my hands on my hips. The night sky is as beautiful as ever, not as beautiful as her who put a hole in my kitchen wall, which I'd fixed while the other removal van was filling up with Ann's stuff.

The door opened behind me before the figure of my sister came shooting out, jumping at me like she did once when she was younger, I'd just returned from my first tour of duty and she was only twelve at the time. Catching her in mid air, I smiled into her shoulder, glad to be welcome by someone instead of being told I'm going to die, stepping through the gate onto their planet.

"JACK! It's so good to see you! It's been so long!" She said over my shoulder, squeezing the air out of me.

Putting her back down on the ground, I patted her on the back and then let go of her. She leads the way in, holding the door wide open for me. I grab my bag, dropping it in the hallway while Ann strips my jacket off my back.

"The kids are all in bed, except for Lisa, she's in the kitchen getting you a "


I look to the bouncing teenager; glad I'm her uncle and not her father. She grabs me round the neck, hugging the life out of me just like her mother did seconds ago. If I have any more hugs like this, I'm going to be dead before the end of the night. Patting me on the chest, she hands me the beer, frowning at her hand on my chest.

"You've been working out, haven't you? Mom, have you felt"

"Would you get your mind off chests for once? Every time you greet any men, you ask them if they work out. Take your hormonal controlled brain to bed, you've got school in the morning"

Taking myself out of the equation, I go towards the screaming TV, the game telling me that I'd find Alex sat in front of it. Sipping at my beer, I enter the family room, finding stacks of paper every where, a laptop jiggling round on his lap, ready to fall off any given second, while Alex excitedly cheers for his team.

I've never really gotten into football, rather be on the ice, gliding across the ice with a puck at the end of stick, whacking down the middle of the ring, straight into the net while I sail off across the ice, doing my own little victory cheer with my hands, holding my stick above my head.

"Damn, stupid team. Can't you see the damn line, it's right in front of you, you idiot. Just a few more yards and you could have scored" Alex said, moving the laptop from his lap to the coffee table.

"I think he had trouble with the other team getting in his way"

Moving into the room, I sit down in the armchair next to the balcony window, shaking Alex's offered hand. I like Alex, he doesn't mess Ann around and he likes most of things I like. He helped me understand all this computer crap, when it suddenly became a big craze, him being a computer geek himself.

Alex did some work at the pentagon for some time, always getting involved with things, did some stuff for NASA some time back. He's really intelligent too, just like Carter is; brain the size of a planet. I can't get that damn woman out of my head.

"The removal van was here about an hour ago, dropped all the furniture off. Ann's put it in the garage to sort out tomorrow" I nod my head, settling back into the chair.

I look to the doorway when Ann comes in, rubbing the back of her neck, dropping onto the couch amongst the paperwork, Alex had neatly piled there, and next to Alex. Scratching behind my ear, I turn away from the show of affection, only makes me jealous of something I've lost. Stupid Aschen.

"Who're the Aschen?"

I wave it away, kicking my trainers off my feet, stretching my legs out to cross them by the feet. They'll find out sooner or later, I know once the threat of Goa'uld is gone, they'll want to let the whole world know about the gate, so they can find out then.

"Oh, yeah. I've set up the spare bedroom above the garage for you"

Frowning I look over to Ann, safely wrapped up in Alex's arms, while he's watching the game, his face showing he's tuned into the game and nothing else.

"Why? Ain't ya big brother, good enough for the spare bedroom upstairs?"

I can hear distant crying, coming from the baby monitor on the side. Ann pushes herself out of Alex's arms, straightening her top before going out of the room.

"I've got a friend, coming to stay for a few days as well"

Shrugging my shoulders, I stand up from the chair, collecting my shoes at the same time. Alex is obliviously to me leaving the room, groaning at the TV again, when the other team managed to gain possession of the ball.

Picking up my bag from the hallway, I detour myself to the kitchen, grabbing something that looked like chicken from the fridge and then went out the back door. The back garden was worst than the front; bikes and a garden hose block my path to the stairs, leading up to the spare bedroom above the garage.

Dodging one bike and then another, I hear something ticking and then the sprinkler system came on, drenching anything it touched, soaking me to the skin in seconds. Thanks, Ann. I'll remember this and get you back.


Dawn was just breaking when I woke up; silence was upon the neighbourhood, while I was coming down the steps from my bedroom. The back yard didn't look so threatening in daylight. Moving the bikes from everyone's path way, leaning them up against the side of the house, I head on inside, finding people already rushing about the house. Ann was juggling with making breakfast and the new addition to the family. I can't help but chuckle at her, just like our mom was like when Ann been first born, juggling between one individual and another.

The glare I received over her shoulder shut me up; I wish she'd never learnt that from our mother. Probably end up getting from her as well, she always gives me a look when I go and see her, especially as it's been nearly seven years since I seen her, since I've seen any of my true family.


"God, more rebels to deal with. Ooof!" Except this one's Greg, and he can jump higher than his mom and Lisa.

Somehow I manage to bring him round from my back, holding him over my hip. Greg reminds of Charlie, its something in his eyes, a certain look he gives. I let him slide down my body, holding him till he got his balance, watching him bounce off to Ann, having a box of cereal shove to him.

Shaking my head, I place the plate that'd once had a chicken on it, garlic chicken to exact, into the sink. I collect a mug from the shelf, pouring myself some that'd just brew, to have it taken from my hands, hovering away from me with the suited man. Oh, it's Alex. Sure Alex have my mug of coffee; I'll pour myself another one.

"Jack, can you hold Lizzie a minute?"

I'm given the baby even though I hadn't reply, finding the clinging child liking the feel of cheek, tugging at the freshly grown stumble that I haven't shave off yet. Guess she likes things furry. Weird kid.


Why do all these kids remember me? The last time I saw Jade, she was only four and come to think of it, she had a thing for grabbing my freshly grown stumble face back then just like Lizzie is in my arms.

Jade runs pass everyone in the kitchen, grabbing onto my leg, making me bend down and pick her up. Great, an eleven year old in one arm, and a six month old baby in the other. Now I've two little adorable terrors, tugging at my cheeks.

"Jade, don't pull on your uncle's cheeks. It hurts, you wouldn't want him to pull your cheeks" Oh, Ann receiving a look I know well. Carter used to give me that look, the look that says 'You're so stupid but it's adorable'.

"Mum, uncle Jack doesn't mind. Do ya, uncle Jack?" She said tugging slightly harder on my cheek.

"Oh, no. Takes the wrinkles out, cheaper than Botox. You ought to look into Ann, take some of those wrinkles out of your face" Must not look, death glare being sent my way.

Hey, there's a baby in my arms. Okay, there was a baby in my arms; father of said child, just took it away. Ow damn woman with tea towel. Shaking my head, I put Jade on one of the stools, returning back to my previous task. COFFEE!

Taking a mug from the shelf, again I might add, I repeat my early actions, making sure I keep a protective hand on it. Alex can get his own coffee, even if he's rushing round like

"Hey! That's mine!" Damn bloody teenager's theses days.

"Look, you're standing there looking out the back window, day dreaming while stirring this lovely mug of coffee to death. You're not late for the school bus like most people round here"

Lisa starts shoving books into her bag, sipping at the coffee at intervals, checking her timetable at the same time. Ann was just the same, always rushing off somewhere.

"I was never late for school, always punctual I was" Why's Ann chuckling her head off like that?

"Jack, you were never out of bed earlier than nine o'clock. The only reason you made it on time, was because you drove like a maniac across down on your old motorbike, even then mom thought"


The look she received from her mother was a look he always got, the 'No, don't be such an idiot' look. There was a faint goodbye from the hallway before front the door shut, counting the kids in the room; I believe it was Alex who has left the 'Medley' household.

"Anyway, you're late. Sort your books out and get going before you miss the bus" Ann said, cleaning up the mess that once reminisce the baby I held, only minutes before.

Greg, Lisa and Jade were about to make a break for the front door. "I can take ya's if ya want? Although, you wouldn't want"

One moment I was leaning up the kitchen counter, the next I was being rushed out to my truck, only to divert the youngsters to the garage. Running up the steps, I found I was fitter than the three kids. Both were huffing and puffing about half way up. And I'm the one getting old.

Grabbing my keys from the nightstand, I jog back down the steps, waiting for the slackers, stumbling down the steps. What the hell was Ann feeding them? I think a snail goes at a faster pace than theses three.


This is how it should be, sat in front of the TV, watching the new series of the Simpsons while Ann plays with Lizzie on the floor. What more could I want? Well, we all know the answer to that but we're not going to go there, understood?

Leaning onto the arm of the couch, resting my head in my hand, I watch as Lizzie dribbles over some block, which had took to her fancy. Charlie used to do the same thing when he was baby, always dribbling over something, usually my shirt when Sara and I would finally get a chance, to go out for the night and could find a babysitter.

Sighing at the old painful memories, I sip on my apple juice that was given to me, but did she have to put it in one of Lizzie's cup things?

"Jack, go get a drink from the kitchen. That's Lizzie drink"

Holding the cup away for inspection, I put it down on the coffee table, pushing myself up out of the couch at the same time.

Ding Dong

Ann's on her feet in seconds, shoving Lizzie into my arms, and then jogs off through the living room, to answer the front door. I look at Lizzie while she pulling my cheek again, I knew I forgot to do something when I got back early, still dribbling over her block and now over my checker shirt.

Taking the tugging infant with me, I enter the kitchen to hear two excited women, giggling and screeching at each other. Great just great, more women to out number the men. I don't know how Alex and Greg do it, they now have four women to put up with, all that negative vibe round a certain time in the month. It's more hassle than it's worth.

"Hey kiddo. Do me a favour, if I visit when ya having one of ya things don't take it out on me, I'm only male and I don't understand all this woman stuff. And I'll tell ya something; men never understand this women stuff. I lived with a woman for eleven years, I never got it and I never will"

Gently I kiss her on the head, opening the fridge door, looking at the selection of sodas. Dr Pepper, haven't had one of them in quite some time. Selecting the bottle from the fridge, I knock it shut with my hip, trying to stop the curious baby from changing the block for the top of the bottle.

"Jack! I want Jack?"

Pulling the bottle out of her reach, I return to the family room, wiping the dribble on the bib around her neck.

"Jack, I want you to meet"

"Oh, god! I can't get away from you"

Damn bloody woman. Not again. Why can't my mouth, not say the things I think out loud? I give Lizzie to Ann, running into the kitchen, dodging the handbag that came at me. Fruit, where the hell did fruit bowl on the table, Jack. Doh!

"What're you here for?" She said, throwing a kiwi at me, missing to hit the wall behind me.

"I'm visiting my sister, Carter"

Well, at least the fruit's stop being thrown now. Ouch! Why she hitting me with one of Lizzie's toys?

"You're the one who hurt Sam's feelings yesterday, aren't you?"

Shielding myself from the teddy bear, I manage to back far enough way to the door, escaping to the back yard with my bottle of Dr Pepper. Flicking the outside catch for the screen door, locking them inside until one of them came round and removes it. Twisting the lid open on my drink, I greedily drink from it, stepping down the steps from the back door.


Turning round, I look at the offending block, lying dormant on the ground, rubbing the back of head where it had hit. Another one came flying out at me, missing me by centimetres.

"What the hell?" Looking up I see them stood by the window, throwing the blocks through the window at me.

Damn bloody women never know when to quit. Oh, god! My mouth is going to be sown shut. More blocks are thrown at me, making me run to my escape of my bedroom, noting I'm not coming out till they've run out ammunition.


Well, creeping my way is working so far. I can only live for so long without food, when I smell whatever their cooking, it's not very long. My back flat against the wall of the house, a sneak a peek through the kitchen window, finding both women sat round the floating cabernet in the middle of the room, ammunition lying out on the table. Grimacing at the thought of the doll connecting to the back of my head, I move away from the window, making my way down the side of house to the drainpipe.

Looking up the drainpipe, I know Lisa's home because I saw her come in, waving to whichever boy, had brought her home in the flashy car, goodbye. I haven't done this since I was a teen, climbing up the drainpipe of a girlfriend's house, sneaking into her bedroom at the dead of night.

Pulling myself up so far with my arms, I placed my feet either side of the pipe, and began walking up the pipe, hoping that Lisa was fully dressed in that bedroom of hers. I get so far and can hear the music blaring away to itself, the banging as her feet dance to the music.

Looking through her window, I thank god, she's dressed if you want to call that piece of cloth round her hips a skirt then sure she's dressed. Tapping gently on her window, she jumps round to see me there. Rushing to the window, she turns the music down on her stereo with the remote, opening the window before pulling me inside.

"Uncle Jack? What the hell are you doing? Climbing up the drainpipe?"

"Your mother and Carter are kinda out to get me," I say getting to my feet, pulling her up when she tries to get up.

"I heard. They asked me if I wanted to donate something, which I didn't by the way. They'll kill you if you go down stairs"

Moving pass her, I look out into the hallway to the stairs, checking to see if they're coming. Closing the door, I lean my back up against it, sinking slowly to sit down on the floor. Lisa comes over and sits down in front of me, folding up her legs.

"How d'ya know, Sam?"

"I used to be her CO, been working with her for the past five years"

Rubbing a hand over my hair, I try to work out a way to get downstairs and apologise to whatever I've done, which is anything as I'm male.

"That's amazing. Sam mention something about her CO, but it never twig that it was you. She only referred to you as 'my CO' or 'my Colonel'. Wow, that's freaky. Sam's in love with"

I clasp a hand over her mouth; I don't want to hear, what this lovely sixteen year old has to say. Banging my head against the door behind me, I hope it knocks some sense into me, if this doesn't then I'm screwed, royally screwed.

"LISA! COME HERE!" What does Carter want with my niece?

"I'M COMING!" She said, removing my hand from her mouth.

I roll away from the door, letting her open it and dash down the stairs. I hope she doesn't tell them I'm upstairs. I can feel a lump from the block, on the back of head and I just made it worse by banging my head.

Getting up from the floor, I leave Lisa's bedroom, deciding it's no time like the present to go and apologise. I make it across the hallway to the top of the stairs.

Ding Dong

I watched Ann come from the direction of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a tea towel, while she opens the front door.

"Where's that son of mine?"

No, not her. Not today please. I don't need to be told off by mum.

"There you are! Get down these stairs immediately and give me a hug" I just stand there looking at her, noticing Lisa and Carter come out of the kitchen, to witness it. "Jonathon Charles O'Neill, get your butt down here now!"

Almost falling down the stairs, I run down to greet her, pulling her into a hug. Knowing from the look I'm reaching from Ann that this was her doing, ringing our mother so I'd have to face her sooner rather than when I was ready for it.

Greg and Jade come in the front door, the school bus pulling away from the front of the house. Realising my mum, I rub the bump on my head, going into the living room, letting the kids greet their grandmother.

Something soft hits me on the back; I turn round to be hit again with a cushion. On the third swing of the cushion, I grab it, pulling Carter towards me.

"I'm sorry. Okay? Ya happy? Or d'ya want me to grovel in front of ya?" She grumbles something that sounded like accepted, hitting me a final time with the cushion.

Snatching the cushion from her hands, I place it back on the couch, rubbing the back of my head again. I wish she hadn't had been such a good aim with that block; I'm starting to get a splitting headache now.

"Jonathon, now you tell me all about, what you've been doing that has kept my baby away from me?" I pull a face at her, but Carter's giggling, following Ann and the kids to the kitchen.

Hell is nothing compared to an interrogation by my mother. Believe me, I've been there and got the scar to proved it.


I hate my mother, I really do. She'd just spent the last three hours, telling Carter and Ann's kids, about my childhood incidents and showed them baby pictures of me. The thing that got me was she had them in her handbag, who carries round a photo album of childhood pictures? I don't mean, the odd one of two that most people carry in their wallets or purses. I mean photo album, the real McCoy.

I snuck out when they were showing the pictures of me at sixteen; those are the years I dislike most. All the trouble I got in because of Mary, from down the street that'd been my best friend since forever. Haven't seen much of her, I'll have to look her up sometime.

The back door opens behind me, the screen door clattering against the doorframe. I swig at my beer, lying back on the grass, watching the stars above me. Ann appears, towering over me for once, sitting down with Lizzie in her arms. I sit up, shuffling backwards so I didn't have to twist or turn to look at her. She hands Lizzie over to me, while I settle her into my arms, Ann moves to link her arm with mine, resting her head on my shoulder.

"I never realised that you could've been working with Sam. I mean, she's a scientist and you're a lunatic, who the government thinks capable of leading innocent men into war. How in god's name, did you two end up on a team together?" I chuckled, stroking a finger down Lizzie's cheek, enjoying the softness under my finger.

"She was put on my team, I never choose her to be on my team"

"Well, big brother. You'd better get yourself sorted out, because if you don't do something, ya gonna lose her"

I look at her with a frown, wondering exactly how much she knows about Carter and me.

"I can see that you care for her. The way you looked at her across the table at dinner, and the way you smiled every time she was laughing at mom, showing a picture and then telling the story behind it. You so have it bad for her, that you're to stubborn to admit it"

"Ah, but I have before today. Even told Carter about it and she told me"

"When? She's never said anything to me"

"It's one of those top secret events that's happened in my life. But she wants it to stay in that room, so there it will stay"

"I don't want it to stay there"

I almost drop Lizzie when I heard her voice; Ann wasn't shocked at all, getting to her feet, taking Lizzie from me. They're smiling at each other, while Ann takes Lizzie back inside, rejoining everyone inside.

Carter takes the spot where Ann been sat, pulling her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them with her chin resting on knees. I sigh to myself, I should've known Ann would stick her ore in; making some used of her matchmaking techniques.

"I don't want it to be in that room anymore, it's hard for me to keep them bottle up now. Always struggling to keep my hands to myself when I'm around you"

"Oh, yeah. I just saw how much of a struggle it was, for you to back me up and not tell a room full of people, I was against the Aschen because it puts me out of a job"

"The Aschen are helping us to defeat the Goa'uld, don't you want that? I thought that was what we've been fighting for" She said, laying her legs out on the grass.

"Yeah, but we don't even know what the Aschen want in return. I mean no one does anything without having there own agenda about it. Take me for example, I came here to see the family but I also came to get away from my life. Ya see I've two agenda's for being here" I turn to face her, tucking my leg under my other one.

"What do you think we should do then? Tell the Aschen to shove their offered up where the sun don't shine, and carry on losing good people, even though this whole situation can be over in days instead of years?"

I shake my head at her, getting to my feet, finding her stood up before me, her hands firmly on her hips. She's got that throwing glare again.

"No well yeah to the first part, but no to the second. People die every day, we put we did put our life's on the line every day, every time we step through there's that chance. But at least that way, we know everybody's cards. Doesn't it surprise you, that five months after the Aschen were introduced to the Asguard, a race far more advanced than the Aschen, suddenly were over took by the Replicators and everything was destroyed? No Asguard left, it just seems a little too weird to my liking"

"I do think that there should be a few surviving Asguard's, but they're probably out there somewhere, rebuilding their world"

I shake my head going pass her, running up the steps to my bedroom. Stopping at the top, I look down at her.

"You keep thinking that Carter. Me, I'll be realistic and actually believe, what my own eyes are showing me and what my gut feels. You, you can go along with everyone else and believe the Aschen our are savours"

Opening the door, I go inside slamming the door behind me. That damn woman is so

"Hey! I don't go along with everything that's been said! So I don't trust my gut like you, what's wrong with just getting rid of the Goa'uld? Huh?" She shuts the door behind her, placing her hands on her hips.

"I'm not saying it's not wrong to get rid of the Goa'uld, but the thing is Carter, what do they want in return? I've never got anything in my life for nothing, and I'm not going to start believing now, that someone will actually do something for nothing"

"Well, what do you think they want?"

"How am I supposed to know? But I know they don't want cookies and a box set of the Simpsons"

"You wouldn't give them a box set of the Simpsons, if your life depended on it" Damn bloody woman knows me to well.

"Bad example. One thing that got me though, was when Joe your lovely boyfriend, mention the population of earth. Mole's face screwed up like mine does when I think snakehead" I say, unbuttoning the buttons on my shirt, pulling it off while turning my back to her, going into the bathroom.

"That was kinda weird"

"No, it was weird. It shouldn't matter what population we've got, if we're having a treaty and sharing tech. We aren't having them move in or anything"

"He's not my boyfriend" I pull my t-shirt over my head, ignoring what she said, to busy in thinking what the Aschen could want.

I jumped when she touched my shoulder, making me turn round to face her, holding my t-shirt tightly to my chest, using to protect my heart from her.

"Joe's not my boyfriend. Sure, we've gone out on a couple of dates, but its just not there. Not like it is with me and you" Why she got to stroke her fingers down my forearm, sending a trail of fire down it?

"Err oh erm I what?" I move quickly to the bed, climbing up and over it, putting some distance between us.

"I swear sometimes you can be so thick, it's not true" She flops onto the bed, covering her face with her hands.

I can be thick? Oh that's ironic. Throwing my t-shirt to a chair in the corner, I climb back over the bed, pulling her to sit up by her arms.

"Look, I may be thick on the odd occasion. But at least, I'm not falling for this thing with the Aschen. You guys are just shoeing them through the door before you've even check to see if their driving licenses, to see how old they really are. I know there's somethi"

Okay, she's kissing me no, that isn't true; we're kissing each other. God, I could kill to be like this forever. Her hands snake up behind my neck, threading into my hair, to pull me back away from her lips.

"Can you just shut up about this whole Aschen thing?" Her lips are little bit swollen, going the colour red my first car was.

"Carter, this whole Aschen thing is going to rui" I wish she wouldn't cut me off like that.

Although the way she's cutting me off is nice, especially when she allows me to deepen the kiss, letting me taste her again like I did in that loop. I've never forgotten what it was

"Ya gonna shut up about it?" I like this side of Carter; her eyes are suddenly darker with desire.

"It can wait till morni" Forget about talking Jack, and get on with it.

Gently I lay her back onto the bed, gasping at her hands going over my chest, weaving through the hair on my chest. Tugging the hem of her top from her jeans, I pull it up and over her head, trailing kisses over her new and exposed skin. Why'd I hate this woman again?


Waking up, I feel like sneezing with her hair tickling my nose, why she got to be so close anyway? Oh yeah, I'm holding her that close. Silly me. Should've known that, by the way my left's arm asleep. Shifting slightly, I peer over her bare shoulder at my watch, seeing it was about ten. So no way of seeking her back into the house, keeping this night to ourselves?

She shifts in my arms, turning round to face me, blinking her eyes a few times to focus. I wipe the sleep from my eyes, returning my hand to round her waist. Her hand strokes my face, trailing down my neck to rest on my chest.

"Ya gonna want to talk, aren't ya? About this whole Aschen thing?" Rolling to my back, I pull her closure to my side, resting my head on top of hers.

"It doesn't matter what I say does it, this whole thing with the Aschen is going to happen, and there's nothing I can do to stop it, is there?"

Rubbing the top of my head, I just look at the ceiling, watching the shadows play across the ceiling. Carter shifts to lean over me, her chin resting on my chest, looking up at me. She has a serious tone to her features, a stray hair out of sink with the rest of her hair, the rebellious streak in her going all the way to her hair. Wiping the stray hair back into place, I start playing with the hair behind her ear, its always fascinated me. Just how exactly does she keep her hair so blonde?

There's this shampoo that cleans all the dirty out that damages blonde hair, making it go duller but I don't think she uses that, her hair has a slight strawberry smell to it. I'll have to ask her sometime, they could add it to the list of the unknown things about the Universe. 'How does Major Carter keep her hair so blonde?'

"This is going to be one of those things we don't agree on, isn't it?"

I simply nod my head at her, trying to see if she has roots, maybe she dyes her hair blonde. But I was sure she was pure blonde. It don't matter, I love her anyway.

"You know something you've got to think about?"


"Well, the Tok'ra are the same as the Goa'uld" She went to butt in but I quieten her with a finger over her lips. "Biologically I mean. So this weapon the Aschen use, could or might infect the Tok'ra, meaning your father could be effected as well?"

She sat up right after I'd finished, pulling the covers round her modestly, looking around the room. Slowly I sit up next to her, placing an arm round her shoulders, guess she never thought about that. I won't say anything; it'll only set her off into one of her throwing moods.

Kissing her soundly on the cheek, I throw the covers aside, reaching to the floor for my boxers. Pulling them on, I adjust the waistband, heading to the bathroom, letting her have a chance to think it through. Turning the tap on the shower, I let the water heat up, picking up the can of shaving foam.

Spraying some into my hand, I wipe the cream onto my face, making sure to cover everywhere I've stubble. I don't want my cheeks pulling again, but I have the feeling it won't matter anyway. Wiping the excess onto my chest, ready to wash away when I have my shower. Carefully I trail the razor down my cheek, revealing skin underneath.

I see her in the mirror, making the bed wearing the shirt I was wearing the day before. I like the idea of Carter wearing my things, its one of those dreams I had over the years. Cocking my head to the side, I begin to remove the shaving cream from underneath my chin, switching from watching her and myself.

She comes into the bathroom, wrapping her arms around my waist, snuggling up to my back. Oh, I like the feeling of her pressing up my back. Where I like this more, watching Carter take my shirt off and get into the shower, the steam filling the room and oh well, give up shaving for now. Hmmm joining Carter in the shower, sound like a good idea. I always have good ideas.


Ten years later:

Sitting at this café waiting for Sam is driving me nuts, I really wish she'd let me come with her to the appointment. If it was bad news again, I'd be able to comfort her while they told us, I don't like to be kept waiting. Why should someone have to wait for something? I'd rather just take; I've done enough of waiting to last me enough for a lifetime.

Waiting a whole year after finding out our feeling for each other, I'm surprised I didn't go stir crazy. Then I had to wait six whole months, while she and the rest of SG-1, went off and did the fighting.

I was right about some of the Tok'ra being infected, luckily Jacob was on earth when the virus went out, but a few months later he was in a car accident. Sam wasn't the same for about a month after that, it brought up memories of her mother's crash. And it didn't help that she lost the baby as well.

Damn Aschen doctors, don't know a foot from a spleen. If you ask me, I'd rather stick with Janet than have one of them look at me, but nnnnnoooooooo Sam wants the Aschen to look at her. It's another one of those things, we don't agree on.

"Hey" I stand up slightly while she takes her seat next to me.

"So, how'd it go?" I ask, sitting back down in my chair.

I already know from the look of her eyes, that its bad news. She's been crying as well, I can tell from the way she looking at the sugar pot. Thoughtfully, I place my hand over hers, squeezing her fingers gently together.

"I'm okay. They say we should just keep trying. There's nothing wrong with me or you, it's just taking time that's all" I nod my head, willing her telepathically to go to Janet.

She looks at her watch, wiping at her eyes with the sleeve of her coat.

"Come on, we've got to go or we'll be late" She's putting on a smile; it's not one of her genuine smiles.

Pushing the chair out from behind me, I take my sunglasses out of the inside pocket of my jacket, slipping them on into place, taking her hand into mine.

"Oh, we wouldn't want to keep them waiting. Just another damn medal to add to the wall, might have to build an extension if we get anymore medals. A room for yours and a room for mine, what ya think?" I look at her behind me, leading the way through the tables.

I actually see a genuine smile on her lips, her eyes sparkling even if their hidden behind her sunglasses, I know they are. Damn bloody Aschen, aren't going to hurt her if I can have something to do with it, she's worth more to me than life it's self.


Few days later:

I knew it, I told everyone they'd be a second agenda, but no one listened to me. Well Sam did, but only when I was having a tantrum, cursing them so the neighbours could hear. But I'm not holding it against them; I've said my remark and then I'd been subjected to a hits from handbags, both Janet and Sam having a go at me.

I hope Davies was able to get that GDO; this won't work unless we've got that damn thing, and who exactly gave asshole a GDO in the first place? At one point, the guy wanted nothing to do with the SGC, now that it's a house hold name, he's getting as much publicity from the damn thing than we are.

The whole thing doesn't do much for me, hiding out at my cabin away from the whole media circus. Sam gets a lot of attention with her working with Mole boy, working on this star thing she tells me about, got knows what they're doing. As soon as Aschen is mention round me, I either zone out or tell whoever it is, exactly what I think of the Aschen.

I can see Davies running down the hallway, checking over his shoulder while he stops in front of me, digging into his pockets for something. Pulling it out, he revels the GDO, handing it over to me without a word. Patting him on the shoulder, I leave him to go his way, entering Sam's lab to watch this really cool image of the sun, shoot something out.

"Got it" They all turn to look at me, holding the GDO for them all to see.

"Well, in aboutfifty seven minutes there's going to be a flare. D'ya think that's going to be enough time for you?" I roll my eyes at her, attaching the GDO to my wrist, pulling my shirt over the top of it.

"There's always time for me. Time to for me to sing, time for me to drop dead and time for me to change the course of history" She giggles, its so soothing to hear that. It just makes it worth the trouble we're going through.

I hope my old self can sort my head out, and not let Sam get too far away. I don't know what I would have done, if she hadn't been in my life the past ten years.


Present day:

Pretty tatty note with blood on it, anything can get Doc curious must be a good thing. It'll keep her quiet and distracted, while we all seek off to have a quiet drink tonight. No more physicals for today. Just because I felt dizzy early, doesn't mean she has to find some excuse, to shove that damn pen light in my eye. What's it gonna tell her anyway?

Oh no, Carter's thinking again. She's biting her lower lip; arms are crossed, looking up at the gate. Please, I don't want a lecture today, just a cool beer and some nice company, even if Teal'c and Daniel have to come along.

"I wonder why you sent it... I wonder when" Oh, don't confuse me woman. I get confuse enough by just your presence, I don't need you sending my brain into dead lock.

"Yeah. You gotta wonder" I say getting up off the light that lights up the ramp, following them to the door, coaxing Carter to the door, while her brain shuts itself off to her body.

Oooh her hair smells nice, I wonder how she keeps it so blonde. Strawberry, I like strawberries.


The End

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