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AUTHOR'S NOTES: 31.Mar.2003 - Why exactly does Colonel O'Neill spend so much time on level 19 of the SGC?

"What's wrong with your current office, colonel?" He was in the middle of a conversation with General Hammond.

"Well, nothing is really wrong with it, per se, general. It is on the dark side though sir, and doesn't have much of a view."

"Jack, none of these offices have a view, and none of them have anything except artificial lighting. What exactly did you expect? We're hundreds of feet underground!"

"True sir. But it's also on the small side, and what with me being your second in command and all..."

"But the office you're asking to move too is smaller than the one you have now colonel. You're beginning to try my patience!" And he was sounding aggravated too, not something you want in a general.

"I know, sir, and I apologize. But there really is the factor of convenience to consider." Convenience to a certain major's lab, although he couldn't say that.

"Your office is right down the corridor from mine. How much more convenient could it be?"

"Well to tell the truth General, I spend the majority of my time working with my team. And as both Dr. Jackson and Major Carter have offices on level 19, it would just seem to make more sense for my office to be located on the same level as theirs. Don't you agree sir?"

"Well I suppose you do have a point there Colonel. Fine. I'll authorize the move. Just make sure that I can find you if I come looking!"

"Yes sir!"


The voice came from the doorway. "What are you doing Colonel?"

"Moving office, Carter. What does it look like?"

"Well I can see that sir. But why here on level 19? Isn't your office near General Hammond's?"

He turned to face her. "Yes, but I needed a change. It was too easy for Hammond to just yell down the corridor to me. And I wanted to be, well, you know, closer.." Her eyes widened. ".. to Daniel."

"To *Daniel*?"

"Yep. Absolutely. Closer to Daniel." He chuckled inwardly while trying to maintain a straight face. It was *so* much fun winding Carter up. "We're good friends, and you know how I like to hang around his office playing with all the artefacts that we bring back - mostly because it annoys him so much. What's wrong with that?"

"Well nothing I suppose, sir." He could hear the disappointment she was trying to keep from her voice.

"Do I detect a trace of disappointment there, Carter?"

She looked flustered and tried hard not to blush, only making it worse. "Um, disappointment? Don't know what you're talking about, sir."

"Really Carter? You know I could have sworn for a second that you were disappointed." It was so hard not smiling!

"No, sir. Definitely not, sir."

"Well that's good. I'm happy that you're not disappointed that my office is going to be closer to your lab. So does that mean you'll stop by more often?" She looked even more flustered. It was killing him keeping his comments deadpan, but it was worth it.

"What sir? Well of course.. I mean, I'm sure it will be wonderful .. Oh just forget it sir!" He'd never seen her quite so tongue tied before. She started to back out of his office, looking for a way to end the conversation relatively gracefully. That *so* wasn't going to happen.

"Of course there will be other advantages to my new office location."

"There will, sir?" She asked with a little trepidation.

"Definitely. I'll be closer to *you*, Carter!"

She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, halfway out of the office, turned partially so she was looking at him. Her eyes were so wide he could have sworn that they were about to pop out of her head.

He couldn't hold it in any longer and he grinned, and got a very dark look in response. He could tell that there was going to be payback for this, but had enjoyed himself immensely. He kept grinning at her. Eventually, she couldn't resist the look and grinned back in response.

"Just don't break anything when you visit!"

"Who me?" He looked around innocently. "When I have I ever broken anything?"

"You don't actually expect me to answer that do you sir?" She grinned at him again. "So will you be stopping by at some point?"

He grinned back. "Of course Carter. Just as soon as I'm settled in. Perhaps in time for lunch at 1300?"

"Sounds good sir. Catch you later." She left, smiling.

As he got back to unpacking the two file cabinets worth of material that made up the entirety of his office, he grinned to himself again. This was the most enjoyable move he had ever made. It was *definitely* going to be fun being here in Level 19. He was just kicking himself for not requesting a new office sooner!


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